/ Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

by Fran Cassano

Hi Everyone! With August here, there is only one thing on my mind~Ice Cream! And the best ice cream of all is Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars (or, Mickey Bar for short). We see them as icons all over the Disney Parks now~either on a Dooney purse, as a toy, an antenna topper, and starting this month, even as an air freshener. My husband and I love Mickey Bars. (SO much in fact, we served them at the Dessert Party for our wedding in Epcot). This ice cream is only available at Disney Parks and on the Disney Cruise Line, so we capture the moment we get one every time we go to Walt Disney World.

This week, under my Storyboarding Your Life subheading, I want to share a very basic layout page that is perfect for beginners. It is also a great way to introduce kids to scrapbooking. As you can see in this, and previous projects, I really like the paper piecing technique for familiar Disney icons and symbols.   It not only saves money, it also personalizes your project a little more. Remember, it does not have to “perfect”, it just has to be you.

I provided my Mickey Bar template to you as a photo. I also share other ideas for how to use it under “Fran’s Notes.” So, let get started together!

I used the following (but definitely feel free to do a variation that fits your own theme):

  • 1 sheet 12×12 solid, textured scrapbook page in the color family of your choice (if you want, you can use patterned paper, but this Mickey Bar works best if it can “float” above the page without getting lost in a pattern)
  • Photos with Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars in Disney Parks or on the Disney Cruise Line
  • Scissors~paper and fabric
  • Craft tweezers
  • Dimensional foam dots
  • Glue Lines or similar adhesive (tape runners may not work for this project)
  • 8 pieces of grosgrain ribbon cut 3 inches long (I’m using chocolate colored)
  • Scraps of card stock in vanilla or white and kraft or light brown
  • 1 half sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock in chocolate or dark brown
  • 1 half sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock in sky blue
  • Mickey Bar Template (with “bite” in ear)~set your printing feature to 4×6 and uncheck box that reads “fit picture to frame” before you print it out



Trim your 12×12 scrapbook paper to 12×9. (Save excess for future project).

Cut Mickey Bar out of chocolate card stock using the template. Free form cut “ice cream bite” layer out of scrap of vanilla or white card stock. Use photo and edge of “bar” as a guide. Next, free form cut a “stick” out of scrap of kraft card stock, rounding bottom edges. (If you happen to have a corner rounder paper punch, you can use it to do this, too). Assemble with glue lines and set aside. I used foam dots for the vanilla “bite” to add even more dimension.

Using fabric scissors, cut 8 pieces of ribbon, 3 inches long. We are going to make these ribbons into photo corners. Fold ribbon around the corners of each photo at center, securing the ends snugly with glue lines. On the photo side, this should look like a ribbon triangle at each corner. Do this on each corner of the photos you are using before you affix onto your scrapbook page. Arrange and affix photos however you like, leaving plenty of room for your Mickey Bar.

I took a photo of one of the ice cream carts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on my last trip. Cut an oval shape out of the sky blue card stock to mirror the image of the Mickey Bar from the photo of the ice cream cart. (See the ice cream cart in the photo of all the supplies above to guide you). Affix on to page next to your photos.

Next, affix Mickey Bar onto the sky blue oval and page, as a large layered embellishment, using foam dots. A quick tip~foam dots are easier to work with if you use crafting or similar tweezers. I used a lot of foam dots for this to make the Bar look like it’s floating above the page, almost like you want to grab it ; )

I took a photo of a Mickey Bar wrapper, too. So, for this project, instead of writing captions or “journaling,” I am going to let my photos tell the story for me. I snipped the Nestle and “Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream” logo out of that photo and the “A Sneak Peek at Something Sweet” out of the photo of the DHS ice cream cart. (I saved the other portions of the photos for a later project).

I affixed the Nestle and “Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream” logo using foam dots. I cut some of the vanilla/white as a layering piece for the “Sneak Peek…” and affixed using them glue lines.

See how easy (and delicious) this basic layout was? How will you capture your own Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream memories?

Happy Crafting!

Craft Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes total (or the queue time for an E-Ticket Attraction and a stop to get a Mickey Ice Cream Bar after

Fran’s Notes:

~Now that Disney Parks is rolling out Mickey Bar air fresheners (and others), a nice way to create your own is to gently spritz your paper Mickey Bar with the Disney Store’s Magic Fragrance Room Spray. The blend of Magic’s “icy mint, rich chocolate and sea spray” always makes me think of Florida. To do this, take the Mickey Bar (only) and spray the fragrance over it, from 6 inches away avoiding any droplets that might stain the paper. The chocolate and icy aromas might remind you or the recipient of a favorite chocolate covered vanilla treat.

~You can also make the Mickey Bar out of sheets of craft foam. Just use a glue like Aleene’s Tacky Glue instead of Glue Lines (they don’t always work with the foam). You can fashion this into a holiday ornament or other decorative item.

~Snip a Mickey Bar out of fabric like felt or fleece and make your own Disney Parks themed tote bag!

~For this project I set the print function to 4×6 for the Mickey Bar template. But you can set it to whatever size you like for however you choose to create your projects with it. I make lots of small ones for different purposes. Please feel free to save this template, or any I share with you, for your future projects.


Like so many of us, Fran Cassano’s life is sprinkled with Mickeys. From collecting Park brochures as a child, to creating ideas for her own Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, paper crafts have kept the magic of Disney a part of her everyday life. Fran invites us capture our own memories through Practically Perfect DISNEY Crafting… Break out the tools that have been gathering dust. And let’s figure out how, together!