Topics in this week’s Disney news include:

– New Fantasyland Expansion Grand Opening
– My Disney Experience now available for iOS
– Free WiFi at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
– D23 Destination D and D23 Expo news
– And more!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK – Do you like the idea of everywhere Wi-Fi connectivity in the parks, or would you prefer to be disconnected while enjoying your Disney experience? Leave your answer in the comments below


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– Lou Mongello



10 thoughts on “Video: Disney News – Aug. 5, 2012 on WDW Radio LIVE from Disneyland”

  1. 1DawnMarie1 says:

    I am really hoping the release of My Disney Experience is going to ramp up work on the NextGen FastPass system. My next trip is the week of Christmas when the parks will be packed so hopefully technology will lessen the endless lines!

  2. E. Michael Gannon says:

    Absolutely wi-fi should be available throughout the parks – after all this is the 21st century and those who wish to remain connected to friends and family not fortunate enough to be joining them on their Disney vacations should be able to do so – and have the ability to share their experience through pictures and live commentary just as is provided by -ahem- certain podcasters. Those who wish to remain disconnected always have the ability to turn their Smartphones and iPads off.

  3. John Jones says:

    My best friend is a Sr. IT guy in Imagineering who implemented teh finger print at the main gate at the parks. He said new app will be coming. Hope to be for there with you for the food and wine 2012, Also a new app should be integrated into the food and wine gig

  4. Rich T says:

    Mixed feelings. I wish the parks could remain cut off from the outside world — or at least keep phone calls and text messaging to specific areas. But it’s sure nice to watch awesome live podcasts, find out how long the line for Radiator Springs Racers is, and immediately link back up with family members who’ve wandered off.

    Times change. Let’s see where Disney goes with this.

  5. Christy Viszoki says:

    I think that’s a really fair assessment, Rich. I trust that Disney will keep the core values of family and entertainment at the heart of their decisions… I look forward to seeing where they take this!

  6. pinkemma666 says:

    The rollout of free wifi means that international guests will be able to use their own phones and finally benefit from Disney apps in the parks, hooray!!

  7. ddc163264 says:

    More ;perks for you rich people. Might as well make Disneyland and especially WDW an exclusive club for all you rich folk. Those of you who can afford 200-400 iphones and pads and multiples of the same. Plus your stays at the high end hotles, and hundreds of dollars for AP’s. Must be nice. As opposed to those of us who need years of savings just to try and make a small trip.

  8. Tinkerchelli says:

    Hey Lou I would love to see this new app have the ability to use as a barcode keys to the world for use for purchasing and also dining etc. Think it would be a real great idea… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love watching your videos every week, makes me want to be right there with you all. Love your Pintrest too ๐Ÿ™‚ Lv Lucille :>)

  9. Snapcrakle37 says:

    SO excited for new fantasy land! Beauty And The Beast castle and Prince Eric’s Castle! =)
    Can’t wait!

  10. disneyphilip says:

    Enough with the food obsession please, Lou. It’s annoying.

    Other than that, good stuff.