/ Friday, August 17th, 2012

Happy Friday, my friends!  It’s time once again to channel that deep-seated desire to one day be a Disney Imagineer and brainstorm how to use an everyday object within the Walt Disney World Resort.

Today, I present for your consideration this most interesting lamp.  I laughed when I saw it and could not grab my camera fast enough.  It’s too unique. It tells a story.  It makes people talk.  In other words, it’s a perfect artifact to place somewhere in Disney!

And so, my friends, here are some questions for your consideration.  Discuss with your family–have fun!  Then post your answers to these questions in the comments below!

1. What is the name of this little balloon animal?

2. Where in the Walt Disney World Resort would an Imagineer most likely put him?

3. What is this little guy’s story?  (How did he get his/her head stuck in the lamp shade?)

Have fun and enjoy… and remember, one day, one of us may be able to say our career at WDI all started with… a blog.



4 thoughts on “Wanna be Imagineers: Who Doesn’t Love a Balloon Animal?”

  1. Caitlin says:

    How about calling him “Who Turned On The Light?” I can see him in Pixar Place, a curious toy who may have been a little too curious about that lamp shade.

  2. Fran C. says:

    This shiny little dog looks like he should be called Buzz (yup, can’t resist the “Light” year pun). He’s a perfect addition for the Pop Century Resort, 70s section–lampshade on his head, right? How did it happen? He’s looking all over because he can’t remember where he buried his dog bone.

  3. He’d have to be somewhere in Tomorrow land, probably in an updated version of Carousel of Progress (where Rover could be looking at him funny), or anywhere where they might explain what a “family of tomorrow” might have. Though, in this scenario, he’s no longer a lamp, but a new model of the family pet! They would have the tail and lampshade move around and he would bark every once in a while. The narrator would explain that the new model is still working out some glitches, because he’s supposed to be an obedient companion, but the glitch is that he’s a bit too mischievous and often gets his head stuck in the most creative places.
    As for a name, I think he’d need a really cliche dog name with a 2.0 added. Maybe Rover 2.0!

  4. Sarah Cooke says:

    Lil’ Rover here was acquired at a carnival by Andy. When he met the other toys he had a tough time adjusting. Afterall, he’s a delicate balloon, not ready for adventures with the likes of Buzz and Woody.

    One day he accidentally knocked over a lamp. When Andy’s mom checked on the scene, Lil’ Rover panicked and pretended to be the lamp that fell. Needless to say, his idea was not too bright. (hahhahaha …. ha… heh … uh … moving on…)

    I would create an additional interactive spot in the Toy Story Mania queue, a very popular attraction, where we get to look in the window to Andy’s room and see what happens when the lights are turned off and the toys come alive.