/ Friday, August 24th, 2012

Topics this week include:

– Be Our Guest
– Fantasyland
– runDisney Marathons and Medals
– Free Disney Wi-Fi
– NextGen
– Rocketeer Rumors

QUESTION OF THE WEEK – What do you think of a remake of The Rocketeer? Who should play Cliff Secord?

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9 thoughts on “WDW Radio Live – Disney News for Aug. 22, 2012 – Be Our Guest, Fantasyland, Disney Marathons, NextGen & Rocketeer Rumors”

  1. mara295 says:

    Great show as always, Lou πŸ™‚

  2. rajah1993 says:

    yeah there lou, when is the villian bash at the hollywood studio.

  3. Tinkerchelli says:

    Hi Lou, I always miss your shows on Wednesday night…work keeps me busy. I do love watching you all the time, you get me so excited and wishing I was sitting right there beside you all. Thanks for always uploading your videos πŸ™‚ Still wishing I was working for Disney somehow. Have a Magical Day ok. Lv Lucille :>)

  4. Will says:

    Cliff Secord should be played by…

    Anton Yelchin (the one that played Chekov in the new Star Trek)

  5. Mark Vitek says:

    Given Alan Horn’s ‘history’ at WB, he’d be going with someone under contract with Disney who is an almost unknown. Under that presumption, I’d think Garrett Hedlund would be an excellent choice.


  6. ddc163264 says:

    While I loved Rocketeer. I cannot see how a remake would work. The specuall effects could get a little better, but not enough to justify a new movie. At least a remake. But finally a sequel would be good. Here’s the premise: Peavey kept the plans at the end of the movie. cliff went on to be a great pilot and married the girl had a son .

  7. ddc163264 says:

    But now there a problem (insert problem here) peavey (as he is want to do) tinkered with the design and improved the pack, built another but never told anyone. But the new crisis has caused him to call on Cliff’s son to become the rocketeer. Alan could reprise his role and even have cameos for the other players. So you get to pick two new up and comers for the lead roles. Bingo now there is your new movie.

  8. Kendall F says:

    I just watched the Rocketeer for the first time last night and really liked it. I am curious, though, if anyone has read the comics. I wondered how closely the movie follows them, and maybe, they will play off of any differences to bring something new to a remake. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like there is that much to improve upon. If you were going to go with a well known actor, I suggest Chris Pine he has proven he can play the good guy (Princess Diaries 2), he can play the hero (Star Trek).

  9. stansolo40 says:

    That was such a fun night being out of the box!