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Interview with Walt Disney Imagineer Jason Grandt

Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello, and this is show #291 for the week of September 9, 2012.

This week I’m excited to share an interview with Disney Imagineer Jason Grandt. He shares his story of growing up being fascinated with Walt Disney World to joining Walt Disney Imagineering. we discuss many of Jason’s projects over the years, including a look into his role in helping to bring back the Orange Bird to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. We discuss the New Fantasyland, as well as memories of EPCOT Center, and Jason’s role in the upcoming 30th anniversary. Jason also shares some insight to those looking to become Imagineers themselves.

Then test your Walt Disney World and answer our Trivia Question of the Week for your chance to win a Disney prize package.

I’ll then have some announcements about our next WDW Radio Meet of the Month in Walt Disney World, our next Disney charity auction, other special events and more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

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Question for YOU: Do you remember the Little Orange Bird from early visits to Walt Disney World, or has he been recently introduced to you for the first time? Leave your answer in the comments section below

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10 thoughts on “Show # 291 – September 9, 2012”

  1. Callie says:

    Although I am of the younger generation, I think Orange Bird is the most adorable little thing in the World! He has been introduced to me for the first time recently through Lou’s blogs, and I’m quite happy that Disney is beginning to see the value in bringing back the “old school” touch (Orange Bird, Epcot, Tiki Room, etc). I’d like to see more!

  2. Sheila says:

    I don’t remember him. When we were in WDW Dec. 2012, we bought a surprise pin package and one of the pins was the Orange Bird, so I got online to find out who or what it was. I love nostalgia, so this is just another gift from WDW. Plus the orange whips look and sound deliciouse.

  3. JC² says:

    I am much too young to remember the Orange Bird, but i was recently introduced to him when i was on a tour with lou and I actually met Jason Grandt! Citrus Swirls are delicious and definitely welcomed in my eyes to present day Walt Disney World! GO ORANGE BIRD!

  4. Linda R says:

    remember him well,,,cutest little thing…so glad they brought him back,,,,,always a HAPPY time when we saw his smiling face……

  5. Blake says:

    GREAT interview. Lots of neat insight.

  6. Judy Shaw says:

    I absolutely remember him! His sunshine brightness always added to the charm of WDW. Came first with my parents, then on my Honeymoon back in 1975!

  7. I do remember the Orange Bird from mid 80’s. I recently found a little figure of him, I had bought and hadn’t seen in many years until there was talk he was coming back..

  8. Kevin E says:

    I don’t remember him at all. Was he around in the late 80’s?

  9. Joe Quattrocchi (JQuatt21) says:

    I cant wait to have my citrus swirl in just 7 days when I am down in WDW. I am so excited to have the little orange bird back! Like Lou said, it reminds me of my childhood and of a classic era of the Magic Kingdom! Pretty catchy song as well!

  10. Chuck Zitta says:

    Sorry to say, I do not have memories of the Orange Bird, but through your podcasts, videos and live broadcasts, I have learned the ways of the Orange Bird! And I love it!

    Such a cool, retro vibe this little (orange) guy has. From what I understand, he’s really big over in the far east, eh?

    Really enjoyed your interview with Jason Grandt. Always fun to listen to the creators of the magic and how they got to where they are today. Your interviews with the imagineers never fail to inspire, to say the least.

    Thanks again for another fantastic show, Lou!!!