/ Monday, October 8th, 2012

The weekend of September 28-30 was deemed “Frankenweenie Weekend” at Downtown Disney as lucky guests were able to see an advance screening of the Tim Burton-Disney film that opened nationwide Friday October 5.  Designed to introduce guests to the characters of the movie and to celebrate the contributions of Tim Burton, the weekend featured simple family fun in the area surrounding the outer perimeter of the movie theater on West Side.

The first section of West Side to  celebrate the movie was an interactive 3D graveyard to the animals in the movie.  Guests were welcomed to a photo spot where they could post with tombstones to beloved pets named Bubbles, Hammy, and Kitty.  They also were given trading cards that introduced the main characters of the movie.  Young children were presented with masks of the main characters that many were seen happily trying out throughout Downtown Disney.































The second aspect of the Frankenweenie celebration was the food items.  Special hot dogs and “electrifying” iced lemonade were available for sale outside the theater.

The placement of the concession cart was well conceived, as clearly the marqee aspect of the celebration was the ability to greet Jack and Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  This was the first ever appearance of these Tim Burton characters anywhere on Walt Disney World property, and from the size of the line, you can tell that many were willing to wait (and wait and wait) to meet these sweetly ghoulish characters.





















Of course, there also was a great selection of merchandise to celebrate both Frankenweenie and Nightmare Before Christmas.  I especially enjoyed the plush of Sparky as well as the fun hat!  The message “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance” has a nice, optimistic ring to it as well.








Frankenweenie weekend was a fun introduction to the characters of this new Disney film.  Families and young children were clearly having a great time.

Did you see Frankenweenie this weekend?  What did you think? 

What kind of events would you like to see Disney offer for the premiere of Wreck It Ralph in November?



2 thoughts on “Frankenweenie Weekend at WDW a Wickedly Cool Experience”

  1. I cant tell you how excited I am for Frankenweenie! It’s my dream to be an animator for Disney and I’m a huge stop-motion fan! PLUS, I love Tim Burton’s dark art style and I can relate to this story because of my huge love for my dogs! I haven’t even seen the movie and I feel like it’s my favorite already! I can’t wait to visit WDW before our cruise and buy a ton of merch! Thank you for sharing the pictures! It’s getting me even more excited!!!

  2. John Dylla says:

    BIG FAN of Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. Saw the movie last night – HUGE disappointment. It was depressing, very morbid, NOT for kids, sent the wrong message if kids did see it, not funny, and so many scenes were taken from Burton’s other films. No wonder the movie is a BOMB! A movie this over the edge morbid and depressing should NEVER have been associated with Diseny – what were they thinking when the read the storyline? P.S. The first 5 to 10 minutes were clever but it went down-hill from there. I hated this film!