Welcome back, my aspiring Disney Imagineers… and Happy Halloween!!

Many people at this time of year enjoy Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and for good reason: with the amazing parade, incredible fireworks, and spirited costumes, it is a night to be remembered and treasured as embracing the positive spirit of the day.

In my experience, many guests dress as Disney characters when they celebrate the holiday in the parks.  This makes me wonder—how would our favorite Disney characters honor the holiday?  Clearly, Mickey would have to celebrate incognito if he were to enjoy the party, right?

So, I went scouting for masks that our favorite Disney personalities could wear s they could attend–and enjoy–Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  











I found these two masks, and now have these questions for YOU, my aspiring Imagineers:

  • Which Disney characters would wear these two masks?
  • What would these characters’ costumes be?
  • What would these characters most want to see at the Halloween Party?

I can’t wait to see your amazingly creative replies!  And have a wonderful (and of course, not-so-scary) Halloween!




1 thought on “Wanna Be Disney Imagineers: Don’t Mask Your Enthusiasm for this Not-So-Scary Challenge!”

  1. Fran Cassano says:

    Hi Wanna Be Disney Imagineers!

    I love these masks!!!

    The mask on the left reminds me a lot of the Italy Pavilion and also Palo. But for a character, I say Elizabeth from the film version of ‘The Haunted Mansion’. The mask on the right reminds me of the Disney Fairies (and even of ‘The Lion King’). I think Fawn would wear this mask.

    I think the costumes would be literally taken from their respective stories~Elizabeth from the Mardi Gras masquerade scene of ‘HM’ and since Fawn is an Animal Talent Fairy, she would most likely dress as an owl.

    At the Halloween Party, Elizabeth would want to experience the sights and sounds with her Master Gracey. Fawn would want to ride all the rides with her Pixie Pals until the very end.