/ Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

by Makena W.

Yoho Yoho!  This be a tale with pirates a plenty!  Okay I am just going to stop that right now. Pirate night on the WDW Radio Cruise occurred on the third night of the voyage.

The adventure started when we walked into our room after a long day at Castaway Cay.  On our bed, four bandanas rested with a letter explaining the events for the night.  We put on our dinner outfits (Black and white!) and our bandanas to proudly show our support for our pirates.  We had a few minutes to spare before dinner, so we hopped in line to meet Hook and Smee.  There were three of us in line – me, my brother, and Courtney (our friend who went with us.)  I volunteered to go last because I had something planned.

I love interacting with Disney characters.  I think it is important to give the character a memory that THEY will not forget, instead of it being the other way around like it usually is.  I would think of something witty to say to spark a reaction or give them a gift of some sort.  I honestly think that I have the best character interactions, if I do say so myself.  Here is a prime example.  I let Courtney and my brother go in front of me, because I knew what I was going to do would be a grand finale.  They got their picture and moved on.  It was my turn.  I approached Smee first and asked him a question.  “Smee, may I ask you a question?”  He nodded his head.  “Why are you still Hook’s sidekick?  You are much more evil then he is.”  He made a giggling motion and hugged me.  Hook on the other hand, wasn’t so happy.  I was expecting him to point his hook at me threateningly or something of the sort but no. He walked away, giving me the ‘whatever’ signal.  No, I don’t mean take two stepsthen turn around.  We were in front of the Walt Disney Theater, and he literally walked out of the center circle and down the hallway in front on Mickey’s Mates and kept walking.  I just laughed.  My dad checked his watch and said “C’mon Makena, we have to get to dinner.  Just say you’re sorry so we can go.”  I ran to Captain Hook and apologized.  He stared at me and finally walked with me back to the photo spot.  But the fun wasn’t over yet.  He refused to take a picture of me unless I bowed down to him.  I bowed like a prince would, from the waist up, and said that I wasn’t getting on my knees.  He just waved me away and we took the picture together.  Hook wasn’t finished yet.  For the picture, he gripped my braid, almost as if he was going to pull it, but he didn’t.  We wandered away, laughing at what just happened.

We hung around a few minutes because were meeting another party in front of the right entrance to the Walt Disney Theater.  While waiting, a Cast member dressed in pirate attire approached me and said “Why would you break Captain Hook’s heart, especially on a night like this?”  I had no idea how to respond.  I said “Oh, you saw that?”  He said, “I sure did”, to which I responded, “ Well, I told him the truth-Smee is a better villain than him and doesn’t deserve to be his sidekick.  That little codfish got mad and walked away.”  The man nodded like he understood, and walked away.  I think I might have created a memory for him also.

Pirate Night dinner was at the Royal Palace.  Our wait staff was dressed like they belonged on a pirate ship also.  The Head Waiter stood completely still when you walked by him, but he would yell “Arg!” or “Yoho!” and JUMP out at you.  He scared me once along with my mom.  He also came by the tables during the meal and snuck up on some people.  Anyway, onto the food.  For an appetizer I ordered Blackbeard’s Jumbo Crab Cake and Treasures-Of-The-Seas Grilled Shrimp.  My main course was Sea Scallops.  Both were as delicious as I expected.  I made my rounds, talking to other people at their tables.  Marion looked adorable in her little pirate costume and I had to do a double take before I realized that the pirate walking around was Deanna!  When I got back, I ordered Sweet Temptations for dessert.  That was probably my least favorite dessert from the trip, but it was still very good.

After dinner, my brother and I ran over to Deck 12 to watch Mickey and his friends get some new pirate crew members.  We arrived a little bit late, but we got the gist of the show.  Mickey wants to add everybody on the Disney Dream to his pirate crew, but you have to learn the 5 rules about being a pirate.  Rule one was saying “Aye Aye Captain” whenever you receive an order, rule two was learning how to do a pirate jig, rule 3 was taking out your sword in a fierce way (my favorite!), rule four was learning a pirates’ favorite song (Yoho, yoho a pirate’s life for me!) and rule five was that treasure is what pirates love the most (and “shaking your booty from coast to coast”).  After we had mastered all of these rules, Hook and Smee show up and want to take over the ship!  The only way that we can get the ship back is to answer 5 questions about being a pirate correct.  Hook and Smee ask us 5 questions, and they are the rules in the exact same order we had just learned them (how ironic…) then Hook and Smee leave the deck.  Yeah!  We did it!

After this, there were a few hours to fill before the fireworks, so we found our parents and split up.  My brother and I made our trips to Edge and Vibe.  We didn’t do the games or any pirate activities because we have done them when I was younger and we wanted to do something different.  However, next time I go on a Disney Cruise I will participate in the family game.  Nothing really blog – worthy happened in Vibe.  My brother wanted to stay in Edge for the fireworks because he doesn’t like them that much.  When the time came, I met my parents on Deck twelve and got ready to see the night sky explode.

Then the show started.  A villain (I believe it was Blackbeard but I am not entirely sure) was looking for some valuable item.  Jack Sparrow appears out of nowhere at the top of the smokestack and fell down.  There was a pirate chase for a few minutes until finally Captain Jack ends up with the valuable item (I can’t recall what it was).  To celebrate, Captain Jack shoots off the fireworks.  What I loved about these fireworks was that they weren’t sad.  They didn’t have a very reflective meaning behind them like Wishes and Illuminations and there was no portion of the show when the music was slow and sad (of course, unless you put it to “We Go On” like it is in the WDW Radio recap video.  I cried when that part started)!  It was all celebratory and very happy.  I am not a fireworks person.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fireworks but I don’t like loud noises.  But with these, for the first time I watched them on Deck 12 without my hands over my ears – they weren’t as loud as I remember.

All the fun didn’t end after the fireworks.  Everybody started to leave Deck 11 and 12, but I hung back and stayed.  Good thing I did!  J. Harr (I believe that was his name), our host, came back on screen to announce Club Pirate – a family friendly, club–like atmosphere on Deck 11.  I ran down the stairs and joined the cluster of yellow lanyards towards the back of the dance floor.  A lot of people were there to dance with – Lou, Tony, and more!  I remember a conga line specifically, and that was a LOT of fun.  My FAVORITE moment of the night – when “Gangnam Style” started playing.  Everybody knew the dance and we all hopped on our invisible horses and galloped (Whoa, I never thought that I would say that!) Tony did it pretty well, I might add.  When Lou saw me and approached me on the dance floor, the first thing I said was “Is this what Evolution is like?”  This was my Evolution (since I’m only 14, I couldn’t get into the real thing!)  Everybody was singing along to the songs, dancing like nobody was watching (although I fully expect that John caught at least some of the action and it will eventually end up on the Internet), and really having a good time.  If I made a list of my favorite memories from the cruise, this would be on there in an instant!

Overall, Pirate night was my favorite night on the ship.  We all had smiles on our faces with our newest friends.  We danced the night away in our crazy outfits and bandanas.  It really sealed the idea that we were all one group – one family.

Angie C. (who I met on this cruise!) got the last “Where in the World?” question correct.  That photo was taken in Downtown Disney.  It is part of their Christmas tree.

See ya REAL soon!


Quote of the Week:  “Show ‘um crew, you know what to do!”  A member of Mickey’s pirate crew, Pirate Night on the Disney Dream.




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  1. Great post! We sure had a lot of fun! I love your little story about Hook and Smee!

  2. Tony E says:

    lol sounds like a ton of fun. Wish I could have been there to join in on it