Topics in this week’s Disney news include:

  • Disney acquires Lucasfilm
  • Star Wars in Walt Disney World
  • And more!

QUESTION OF THE WEEKWhat do you think of the Disney/Lucasfilm deal? What future opportunities are you most excited about? – Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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– Lou Mongello



12 thoughts on “WDW NewsCast – October 31, 2012 – Disney Lucasfilm Discussion and Star Wars in Walt Disney World”

  1. Tiff Prendergast says:

    hope u had a great halloween lou & friends!

  2. TheAlrocket says:

    Im on the leader> Lets geek it up guys! its a great day for the entire galaxy!!

  3. CutesyBubblez says:

    If I had a drink for every random star wars quote in this episode I’d be in the hospital right now.

  4. MrSirButters says:

    My 4 favorite things: WDW, Star Wars, Lou Mongelo, and the Miami dolphins! I think its a great move by Disney and Lucas.

  5. dizneluver says:

    I Love you Lou but the Ewok MAsk scares me at that close range 😀

  6. Sheila says:

    I think it’s awsome!!
    Would love to see HS. expand with more Star Wars related rides.
    What was Luke’s ride in episode #4? LAND rOVER?

  7. prplhaze701 says:

    Glen has an uncanny resemblance to Phillip Seymore Hoffman!

  8. Inda702LV says:

    LOL! Great episode!

  9. Josh Taylor says:

    I think the development in what we may see from Disney incorporating Lucas Film into their films, parks, television, video games, etc… will be more interesting than most anything else in Disney news. This is big and I’m excited!

  10. jwm says:

    This deal is awesome. The combo just works on every level.
    – Say goodbye to the Hollywood Studios Backstage Operations and say hello further expansion across Cypress. GO-GO-GO.
    – Say hello to the Coruscant Family Suites and the Alderaan Honeymoon Suites at Bay Lake Tower.
    – Monorail…….mmmm. Double the speed…..yah, that’s the ticket. Maybe some lasers shooting at guests on the platform. AT-AT’S replace buses, oh yea…

    Does anyone have any opinions about how this will affect the Avatar expansion? Even though it’s not an acquisition, there are huge financial aspects of meeting both these commitments. There are numerous web rumors (wemors ?) that the collaboration between Cameron and Disney isn’t going too well.

    Lucas Land, Avatar Land, Cars Land over and above the Fantasy Land expansion. Wow, I’d say that the WDW Resort would be set for the 30-40 years, easy. Add the rooms and spaces to Flamingo Crossings and Every past visitor would have to return, no matter what.

    Now just need to upgrade the Transit and this place eclipses Heaven for most.

    This combination baffles the mind. Disney-ABC-ESPN-XD-Pixar-Marvel-Lucas….insane powerhouse. The relationships with DreamWorks and Cameron are the icing.

  11. Amanda Hammons says:

    let me say you are doing my husband’s DREAM JOB. we love the vids!

  12. Kailin says:

    Some of the movies my father showed me were Indiana Jones. They are some of my favorites. I really hope to see more Indiana Jones in WDW.