Topics in this week’s Disney news include:

– Monsieur Paul Restaurant Debuts At Epcot World Showcase France Pavilion
– “The Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special” is returning to Disney’s Hollywood Studios
– New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World
– Tables in Wonderland
– Netflix and Disney
– New Free WDW Radio Disney podcast app now available
– And more!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK – If you could spend New Year’s Eve in Walt Disney World, where and how would you spend it? – Leave your comments below

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– Lou Mongello




3 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Dec. 12, 2012 – Monsieur Paul Restaurant, Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special, Tables in Wonderland, Netflix and Disney”

  1. Michael Gardner says:

    Hey Lou,
    Which park do recommend for New Years Eve? I will have the whole family and we are overwhelmed! Thank and keep it up!

  2. ddc163264 says:

    Netflix has terrible video quality and poor service. What a bad choice for Disney. Disney is rewarding Netflix for poor customer service and ripping off customers. They also do not offer HD. There are a lot of other choices they should have used. I could not disagree with you more Mr. Mongello. But then again I have never heard you say a Major Disney decision is a bad one. You also used to recommend a useless and waste of money service too. I bought based on you and it saved me nothing thanks

  3. dougconley says:

    Please bring your show “on the road” to Charlotte, NC. Mr Mongello!!