/ Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

by Lindsay Diamond

In my introductory post, I explained how I would be writing a new column here which focused on helping guests plan interest-based Disney vacations.  This morning, as I ate my breakfast and looked out the window at my snow-covered backyard, I couldn’t help but daydream about being at Walt Disney World for a sunny day. I prefer the warmth of Summer, but if you’re a Winter-lover, here are some ways to have a snow day on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Magic Kingdom:

The Hall of Presidents– Winter hosts multiple holidays devoted to our presidents and other political heroes. You can pay tribute to them here.

“it’s a small world”– There are a few cold-weather countries featured in this attraction, and the finale scene, which is in mostly white and silver, looks like a Winter Wonderland.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress– While this attraction turns through the past century,  it also passes Be Our Guestthrough the seasons, ending on Christmas.

Be Our Guest Restaurant– Fantasyland’s newest restaurant is perfect for Winter-lovers. It is always snowing outside the large windows looking out on the balcony.


Soarin’– Seeing frosty landscapes and skiers on the California slopes puts anyone in the Winter mood

Maelstrom– Take a trip to Norway and visit some polar bears on the Scandinavian tundra.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Star Tours– Although it’s not guaranteed, you may have a chance to visit Hoth, an ice planet. If you don’t get it on your first voyage, you’ll just have to ride it again and again until you do.

It’s a Wonderful Shop– You can find Christmas decorations everywhere on property, but this store is a must-visit because outside, you can find a great photo opportunity with an adorable snowman.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

Expedition Everest– Prepare to be thrilled and chilled to the bone on this roller coaster featuring a snowcapped mountain peak and a furry yeti.


None of the resorts are particularly wintry, but the Wilderness Lodge always makes me think of this season. The tall trees and lush landscaping are so perfect that the only thing that could make them look better is a little snow.

Extra Opportunities:

Downtown Disney can also make you feel like it’s Winter. The restaurant T-Rex has an ice cave, which you can dine in. For more active fun, Blizzard Beach, one of Disney’s water parks, and Winter Summerland, one of their miniature golf courses, are great to play at to experience the fun of Winter without having to shovel snow or bundle up in heavy coats.

Even if you live in sunny Florida, you can still find Winter magic at the Walt Disney World Resort. Many people travel here to escape the snow during the Winter months, but for others, a trip here is just another excuse to enjoy their favorite season.

What do you like to do when you travel to WDW during the Winter? What’s your favorite season to visit? Comment below or tweet me @MickeyWaffle71 to share your best interest-based advice and suggestions.

Lindsay is a passionate writer and hopes to one day become a Show Writer for Walt Disney Imagineering or write scripts for Disney Animation Studios / Pixar.  In addition to being a WDW Radio Running Team member, she has launched with her best friends Enchanted Rose Entertainment, which provides authentic character entertainment in her community for birthday parties, public events, and charity organizations.



2 thoughts on “Interest-Based Disney Vacations: A Plan for the Winter Lover!”

  1. Well, I HATE winter… but I LOVE this post! I always noticed the obvious theme with Holiday shops and such, but it’s fun to see all the ones you’ve discovered and grouped together! Awesome post, Lindsay!

  2. Michelle P says:

    Downtown Disney has the fun winter photo op on the left as you leave the Marketplace bus stop!

    Fun post!