/ Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

by Fran Cassano

Hi Everyone! 2013 has just been dubbed the “Year of the Ear” by Disney Parks as part of their Limited Time Magic celebration. It’s not surprising, since the Parks release some pretty fantastic ear hats and headbands we all can’t wait to purchase. The recent Disney Electric Holiday collaboration with Barneys New York even released couture Ears by runway fashion designers.

So, why don’t we create our own Mickey or Minnie Ears to celebrate the “Year of the Ear” at home? Let’s get started together!

You’ll need:

  • Mickey and Minnie Ears Template (courtesy of Spoonful)
  • Plastic Headband
  • Hot Glue and Tacky Glue (such as Aleene’s brand)
  • 1 sheet stiff Black Felt (or any color stiff felt you like)
  • Scissors (dedicated for fabric)

Optional Items:

  • Scraps of felt, fabric, ribbons, etc. to embellish your Ears



Only cut out the ear portion of the template. Cut out two Ears using the ear template and the stiff black felt (or any color stiff felt you selected). I made my Ears a little smaller to look better on my head.

Wrap both Ears around your headband leaving enough room between them for the iconic Mickey Mouse look. Using a hot glue gun, glue around the edge of the Ears and fold over, matching each side to secure. Allow to dry.

Now you can wear your Mickey Ears. How easy was that?

But, if you want to dress up your Ears, you can add your favorite embellishments. And if you like, use some Velcro on the backs of these embellishments to mix, match and change your Ears as often as you like.


Try these ideas for some fun Ear options:

~I made a little Mad Hatter Hat for my Ears. I you would like to do this, cut the hat portion of the template out of felt. (I used shimmery green tulle over white felt). Next, add a ribbon and secure around the hat as a hat band. Then, take a piece of card stock and snip it to resemble the “10/6 tag” and stuff it into the ribbon. Use a dot of tacky glue to secure. I also used a glitter headband and pinking shears to give my Ears a bit of a “Wonderland” look.

~I also made Haunted Mansion Ears: Cut out a black felt bat that can also resemble a bow. Secure to gathered tulle or a small, white lace doily. Then add this to center of your Ears.

~ For Minnie Mouse: Tie a bow and secure onto either Ear or in the center of the headband for the iconic Minnie Mouse look.

~For Sorcerer Hat Ears: Use blue felt with white, yellow or silver felt stars and a moon.

~For Princess Ears: Create a felt tiara (Aurora’s is an easy one to make) or a cone hat with a tulle veil coming out from the top.

~For Dumbo Ears: Make a mini clown hat out of yellow felt. Timothy and the Magic Feather are optional : )

~For Formal Ears: Fashion a black felt top hat and add to center of the headband.

~For Bride Ears: Just add some flowers and enough tulle to make it look like a bride’s veil.

~To create the look of the Barneys New York Mickey Ears, cut a larger version of the Ear templates and select a non-fraying fabric of choice. Then stuff with batting before gluing around the edges. You can add some black netting to the front if you want it to have the look of a trendy birdcage veil.


What will you wear to celebrate Disney Parks “Year of the Ear”?


Photo of Mickey Ears by Disney Parks

Photo of Couture Ears by Barneys New York’s Disney Electric Holiday

Photo of project by Fran Cassano


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  1. What a cute DIY! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fran Cassano says:

    Hey Ladies! Check out this post from the Parks Blog on their new Couture Ears:

    I just LOVE the one with the pink bow.

    : ) Enjoy your weekends!