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Congratulations to everyone who played along in the comments section last week.  You guys are good!  You aren’t that easy to fool.  I loved reading all of your arguments on which one you thought was right.  At the moment the score is a tie between DisneyGeekJenn, Jason Beard, 8OPirateChild, Alyssa, Courtney, Mansionology, Theresa, Daniel, Fran, Kiley Arroyo, and Marisa.  You all guessed that the most accurate story was #3 and are all tied for one point.  Let’s see if the score will change this week.

This week’s topic is red pavement.  Some people might have noticed that on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom the sidewalk is red, not the standard gray color.  Do YOU know why the sidewalk is red?  Which of these stories is true?

Story 1

Now honestly, how many people have tripped over a curb?  If you say that you never have done it before, I don’t believe you. EVERYBODY has tripped over a curb.  Always keeping safety in mind, (Disney didn’t want people stumbling over the curb and getting hurt), they painted the pavement to a color that would pop.  Red is a color that draws the eye to it, no matter what shade it is, which made it the perfect color to paint the cement.  People would be more likely to notice the pavement (and therefore the curb) before stepping up on it.  Sadly, people like me still trip over the curb once in a while, so the problem is not completely solved.

Story 2 

What’s the number one soft drink served in Walt Disney World?  That’s right, Coca Cola – another HUGE Disney sponsor.  The Disney – Coke relationship started in 1950 when Coca Cola sponsored Walt Disney’s first television program, One Hour in Wonderland.  When Disneyland was built, Coca Cola participated in the refreshment corner, and it has been a match made in Heaven ever since. There are Coca Cola Bottles hidden in the Expedition Everest queue line in Animal Kingdom and a huge Coke bottle in front of the Studio Backlot Tour in Hollywood Studios.  Coke even sponsors their own store/refreshment area in Epcot called Club Cool, where you can try many different products made by Coca Cola from all over the world.  Another tribute is on Main Street.  Everybody knows that Coca Cola’s colors are red and white.  The shade of red on the pavement is the shade used on Coca Cola bottles everywhere.  This was just Disney’s subtle way of thanking one of their first big sponsors who they still work with them today.

Story 3

Not a lot of people realize that Main Street is very similar to a theatrical production – with the turnstiles serving as the entrance, the Train Station as the curtain and Cinderella Castle as the main event.  The names of Disney legends and important people are on the windows above Main Street businesses, acting as the opening credits.  The last opening credit is always saved for the director so, of course, the final window is dedicated to Walt Disney.  (This works as you leave the central hub, also, because you are ending the movie and going through the closing credits.  For these the director is always the first credit, Walt Disney.)  The red cement is there to keep the story of Main Street being a production alive by acting as a red carpet.  Many people may not notice the red cement, but those who know why it is red smile at the level of detail Disney Imagineers put into everything.

Story 4

When Magic Kingdom was built, Kodak was a very big Disney sponsor.  They were consulted for ideas to enhance guest’s photographs.  One of the ideas suggested was the color of the pavement.  Kodak decided on this specific shade of red to enhance the color of the grass, as the two colors are opposite on the color wheel, making guests pictures much better than if the pavement was the standard gray color.



Okay, Disney fans, which one of these stories is the actual purpose of the red colored walkways in the Magic Kingdom?  Let me know which you think is correct (or if you prefer, which ones are not) below.  Remember, I’m keeping score if you’re the competitive type!

Since I am already asking for your participation, I will not be doing a “Where in the World?” this week.   I don’t want to confuse you guys and ask you to answer two questions!

See ya REAL soon!

Quote of the Week:  “Do you smell bacon?” – My dad as he stood next to Piglet.

Makena is a 14 year old high school student who spends much of her free time researching Disney. She enjoys sharing Disney facts and even plans Walt Disney World vacations (including searches for secrets and Hidden Mickeys) for friends and family.  Makena began blogging for WDW Radio in December 2011.




30 thoughts on “To Tell the Truth … The Red Walkway: An Interactive Game”

  1. Fran Cassano says:

    OK, Mak, this one is a little tricky because two sound like it can be the answer (#3 and #4).

    But I’m sticking with my lucky #3. And don’t forget that there is a popcorn cart right there as soon as you pass under the WDWRR station. You can’t have a show without delicious Main Street Popcorn!

    Really loving this, Mak. Wonder what you’ll have for us next week!

  2. Nancy says:

    Story #1 is true. The others are entertaining, though! 🙂

  3. Steve K says:

    It is undoubtedly number 3. We did the Walk in Walts footsteps at Disneyland and this is exactly how they explained both the sidewalks and windows in Main Street to us.

  4. Moonliner Jim says:

    Story 4 is correct.

  5. Lucille says:

    Story #3 of course :>)

  6. kb says:

    Story 4 is correct.

  7. Kailin says:

    Story #3 all the way. NO question!

  8. Lindsey D says:

    #3 is the the correct one.

  9. Jenn says:

    Strangely enough, I am going to go with story 4. If we were talking about Disney’s Hollywood Studios I might have guessed the red carpet theory, and considering I still trip over the sidewalk as well, I don’t think it’s to draw attention to them.

  10. Stephen.S says:

    #3 seeing how Walt Disney Was in the film/Animation business when Disneyland was being built and he wanted to tell the story behind the magic and immerse the people into it and a lot of that was incorporated into Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom For it followed the same layout- design as Disneyland

  11. Kira says:

    it’s number 3 for sure!

  12. Caitlin Corsello says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the story of #4 before, so I’m going to guess that!

  13. Kendall F says:

    It’s story number 4. I love that Disney thinks of all the details.

  14. Dvcfamily says:

    I believe it is story 3. If my memory serves me right Lou audio tour indicated that this was the red carpet treatment. I hope I am right.

  15. JOHN says:

    Story number four is the correct one.

  16. jamie says:

    #3…and Lou did a podcast about this before! 🙂

  17. Colleen says:

    It has to be #3!! On with the show!

  18. Ray says:

    I agree with Caitlin

  19. Tony E says:

    #3. If my memory is right Lou even mentioned that in his audio guide lol

  20. Linda Raymond says:

    The correct answer is number 4…!!

  21. Alyssa Wiseman says:

    Oh I like this one! Although I do wish they had that rubber pavement all over the park since its nice and comfy to walk on.

    However, I believe that the correct answer is 3!

  22. Marisa says:

    Ok Mak, this one is hard. It is between story #3 and #4. It could be #3 because of the theatrical element and the detailing you put of the windows. On the other hand, I know Disney has a sponsorship with Kodak, so #4 could be correct. I’m going to go with my gut and say #3. I think that #3 is the story the cast members give and that’s the story that is handed down. I think story #3 is the urban legend, but again, I know Disney had a compact with Kodak. I think Kodak could have had a say into it, but the urban legend and most popular story is #3. 🙂 Thank you for the challenge! Keep it going!

  23. Phil says:

    Story #3! My wife and I converted our garage into a Disneyland/Magic Kingdom inspired home theater complete with the red carpet, coming attractions (ride posters), a popcorn machine and even the weenie (big TV) at the end of the room. I hope we were right about the red carpet!

  24. Alisa Sharpe says:

    The correct answer is Story 1. This is a subtle, yet effective, example of one of Disney’s Four Keys to Great Guest Service – courtesy, efficiency, show and SAFETY.

    I really like the symbolism in Story 3 though!

  25. Mike Brown says:

    I believe #3 is correct, but #1has merit , the color contrast between the curb and street is an imagineer type of think

  26. jeanie says:

    I’ve heard several of these but I think story 4 is the correct answer.

  27. #3 is my guess which is very hard for me because I am an even number guy. It’s #3 but I hope it’s #4.

  28. Hey, I guessed #3 on the last one, too! haha

    I know this one for sure is #3 as well! Lou taught me that during a past podcast!

  29. Liz says:

    I believe that #1 is the official reason – that’s what they told us on the Keys to the Kingdom tour.

    I think #3 is the reason for the red pavement inside the turnstiles, but before you enter the tunnels under the train station. At least, that’s what I remember Lou telling us in our awesome private tour!

  30. Becky says:

    story 3 is right!