/ Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Share in the memories of the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend with the WDW Radio Running Team!

The Walt Disney World Marathon takes runners through all four Disney Theme Parks, from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, through Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios before an exhilarating finish back at Epcot. Thanks to runDisney for ana amazing marathon weekend!!

The WDW Radio Running Team runs for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and has raised more than $250,000.00 through the Dream Team Project (http://DreamTeamProject.org).

You can join the Team whether you walk, run, jog, wheel or cheer from the sidelines! Anyone and everyone is welcome!! Learn more at http://WDWRadio.com/Running



10 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Marathon 2013 Video Recap with the WDW Radio Running Team”

  1. SeeAnnSave says:

    Great job to the entire team!!

  2. Kathy Kelly says:

    Congratulations, you are all amazing!!

  3. prplhaze701 says:

    Cool! Less than a week from finishing and the post-Disney blues are as strong as ever….

  4. amyelaine1000 says:

    congratulations to all the team xx

  5. Kodachrome40 says:

    Rudy! Rudy!

  6. disneykymie says:

    Deanna how do you manage to smile so much?!! Well done to you all xxxx

  7. craigory24 says:

    Throughout the entire race I kept passing (and then being passed by) your teammate in the white shorts/ sunglasses (seen at about minute 2 of the video). He had a smile on his face the whole race– and was quite the encouragement. Kudos to him- and the entire team.

  8. Frickis Fricksson says:

    are you running inside the parks?

  9. TheCoastguard321 says:

    yep this my Music when i run XD