/ Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Do you spend hours pouring over apps that review Disney ride times?

Have your family members ever rolled their eyes at your vacation spreadsheets…. and cried?

Did you do a “happy dance” when Disney announced that MyMagic+ will allow you to reserve your Fastpasses in advance?

When someone asks about your vacation, can you relate, in minute-by-minute play-by-play, how you maximized every minute of the magic?

Are you waiting by your computer at [11:59]PM awaiting the exact second you can make ADR’s at the 180 day mark?

Do your family members ever wander 10 feet or more ahead of you, as if to deny being associated with your Goofy-hat wearing, guide-book toting, spreadsheet-inspired Disney existence???

Do you carry a stopwatch and a whistle on vacation?


If any of these descriptions sound like you…. have no fear….

You have a friend.  A comrade. An Advocate.  An ally…… in Fred Farkle.

Who IS Fred Farkle???  Fred is like any other good dad–he works hard, loves his family, and wants nothing more than to get as much magic as possible out of a Disney vacation.  Who would condemn someone for that???

Well, if you are poor Fred Farkle, it’s your VERY OWN FAMILY.  That’s who! The very family who you love and adore. For whom you have worked… for whom you have meticulously accounted for EVERY SINGLE minute of magic in Disney….  I mean, THAT is devotion, right?  THAT shows your love… your utter commitment to this amazing family… you want to spare them from waiting more than 3 minutes for Toy Story Mania….  So what if that means rising at 4 am and wearing combat gear to get a FastPass?  THIS IS LOVE, PEOPLE!

<<Taking a breath…>>  Anyway….  Fred Farkle NEEDS us.  He is actually being put ON TRIAL for OVER PLANNING his family’s Disney trips!!!  Over-planning?!?!?  Is that even possible???? <<A gasp rises from the audience!!>>  Yes, you read that right!!

As blog writer Richard Bernato will cleverly and humorously detail in his blog series, a little of Fred Farkle resides in any true-blooded Disney fan.

Next week, we are going to begin re-telling the story of this devoted Disney fan who has been condemned for doing what many of us glory in… revel in… celebrate, in fact: the planning of a Disney vacation!!!

It will be a great series, and when it is over, YOU will be asked to make a verdict…. which may be easier said than done, since a little of Fred, I believe, is in all of our hearts.

So, let there be order in the court… and prepare, my friends, for the EPIC trial… of Farkle v. Farkle!


Farkle v. Farkle will be a WEEKLY series that appears every Thursday!  Stay tuned, as you won’t want to miss a minute of the action (and introspection!) that accompanies this humorous look at the Disney planner in us all!   The opening statements of Fred’s trial will be featured next week!




7 thoughts on “Are You ‘Guilty’ of OVER-Planning a Disney Vacation?”

  1. Paul says:

    We’ve consciously decided to do a “go with the flow” trip next year. Just room reservations and airfare.

    Fred’s head just exploded.

  2. Ken says:

    Farkle truly is in all of us and after the first few trips he learns that some of the BEST things at Walt Disney World can’t be planned but just happen or get noticed because we take the time to stop and just look around! Have a Magical Day and unobstructed view of all things Disney!

  3. gabe says:

    I’d spin it the other way instead of laying it all on the guests.

    Is Disney guilty of manipulating guests with FP+ and ADRs? Are the fly by the seat of the pants guests going to have to over plan? If you don’t go to QS venues and stand in the long stand-bye queue. Will impromptu vacations be a thing of the past since FP+ and ADRs will be all booked out way in advance.

    I don’t want to pick out what I will eat 180 days in advance, yet if I don’t can I walk into Ohana’s with 8 guests and be seated in a reasonable amount of time?

    Just thought I’d look at it from the other side of the coin, is it Disney or is it us?

  4. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    I plan what parks I’ll do on certain days and any ADRs but as for things like 9:15-9:22 ride Space Mountain. I don’t do that.

  5. Kathy Kelly says:

    I admit it… I’m a reformed Farkle! Looking forward to how his case unfolds!

  6. Mark says:

    Is it true that dining ADR’s can be made at midnight and we don’t have to wait until 7 AM?

  7. Great! It was a great story! Can’t wait to give it another read!