/ Friday, February 1st, 2013

It’s a ritual of mine to start each day with a few online items. Check my social media sites, check my email, and check some WDW news! Well, let me say how EXCITED I am to share a bit of news with all my vegan and vegetarian diners! It’s not everyday that a “veg” meal makes Disney news!

One more time, before I continue, I have to reiterate just how excited I am right now! I’m so excited that I RAN across my house to tell Kevin the news the second after I read it! I just couldn’t wait! It’s moments like this that make it all make sense that I’m a fan of something Lou does because we share that love and excitement for food!

The news is that Tamu Tamu Refreshments, a quick service location at Animal Kingdom park (in Africa) has added a new vegetarian meal to the menu and it sounds very creative, filling, healthy, and, most importantly, it’s “vegan-izable”! The meal is called, South African Quinoa Salad and it includes: Romaine Lettuce, Olives, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Chickpeas, and Fried Tofu, Hand-tossed in a light Vinaigrette and served with Pita Bread! To make it vegan, simply request, “no feta, please!”


I happy to announce 3 more tid-bits about the salad:

1. Quinoa is gluten-free! (make sure if you have an allergy to gluten, you mention this before ordering so no cross contamination is involved and don’t get the pita bread!) I mention this because I’m gluten-intolerant, and I know some of my other readers are, as well!

2. They actually X-ed out a meat-based meal to make room for this option! How exciting that is to hear, because we all know Disney listens to their guests, so I can only assume that the guests are “telling” Disney that they want more vegetarian-friendly options instead of whatever the meat option was! Are we witnessing the beginning of a trend to start throughout the parks where more vegan options will be available on the menus? Does this mean we wont have to request special orders anymore, and just be able to order straight off the menu like everyone else!?

and 3. Of course salads are usually vegan, but THIS salad has such filling options and can actually serve as a full meal! Fried Tofu!? Yes! Quinoa!? Yes! Woah, Disney! You are really stepping up your game! Again, is this the start of Disney recognizing the important of providing balanced vegan/vegetarian options? (for those of you scared of tofu, trying it fried is a great first intro to it!)

Whether or not you are vegetarian/vegan, I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below!  Thank you all for reading! I hope you are all as excited as I am! I’m going to write a very happy letter to them to express how grateful I am for this addition, and I encourage you all to do the same!

Angie has been a WDW addict since her first visit at age 8, and since then her life has never been the same! She lives in southeastern MA with her boyfriend, Kevin (fellow Disney lover), and their 3 dogs, Flip, Josie, and Hildy, where she is currently training to become a professional dog trainer.  Please join Angie every week in “Fish Are Friends, Not Food: Eating Vegan in WDW!” Angie believes that WDW is the most magical place for people with special diets, so, should you have any special diet questions (especially about vegan and gluten-free dining) she’d be happy to help! Angie is also an artist, and you can see her work at www.angiecarreiro.com!



12 thoughts on “Fish Are Friends, Not Food: Hot off the Press! New Veg Meal at AK’s Tamu Tamu”

  1. Peter says:

    sounds great! All new vegetarian items are welcome at DAK, since that park has a bizarre lack of good meatless options. Can’t wait to try this.

  2. KJay says:

    This is GREAT news! Thanks for sharing- can’t wait to try it!

  3. Kendall F says:

    I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I do occasionally enjoy a meatless meal. This one sounds great! I love that Disney seems to be going back to the days of offering unique menu items. It is exciting anytime something inventive is added to a quick service dining location.

  4. Peedee says:

    Great news Angie.. and great blog! Thanks!!

  5. Peter!- I like your use of the word “bizarre.” I mean, it’s ANIMAL kingdom, right!?

    KJay!- Let me know what you think when you get to try it out!

    Kendall!- That’s what I love to hear! Vegan food is for everyone! And I agree, I like to see the creativity coming back!

  6. jared says:

    Angie that sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try it. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but love meatless meals. Its so nice that Disney keeps adding interesting and fun meals for all groups of people.

  7. I’m so glad you feel that way Jared! This meal really seems like it would fill you with energy in the parks and not make you feel sluggish like “heavier” dishes might!

  8. and, Peedee, thanks for the feedback! Glad you are reading!

  9. Thanks for the info Angie, the South African Quinoa Salad & Roasted Chicken Salad Sandwich are better on the menu i like anything that says salad or sandwhich.

  10. I agree Justin, anything with salad or sandwich in the name just sounds so much fresher and lively! Glad to hear you are excited about the new options!

  11. Elaine says:

    So exciting! My husband and I are both vegan, and its awesome to see new food options at WDW. We’re planning a trip for later this year, so thanks for keeping us informed on all the new items!

  12. Great Elaine! I hope this is helping! If you need any special help with anything, you can email me @ angie.carreiro@gmail.com and keep reading the blog posts coming up and all the past blog posts!