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Last week we took a look at the new Princess makeovers for Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Belle.  Reading your comments, I realized that the hair on a princess is something that many of us feel very strongly about.  Let’s take a look at the makeovers of the final five princesses.

Jasminenew jasmine

Jasmine has very simple fashion taste and Disney kept that in mind when they were redesigning her.  Her earrings are hoops now and you can see her ears.  Her shirt was a little bit larger than the one in the past and her sleeves were made transparent. Jasmine also had a tendril that I really love coming out of her hairstyle.  In the newest transformation, her waistline is higher so you can’t see as much of her stomach anymore.  The top has a really small pointed end in the center that goes towards her belly button.  From the pictures Disney has shown us so far, I can’t really tell if she still has pants or if it’s a skirt now.   I also can’t tell if Jasmine still has multiple scrunches in her hair or just a ponytail now.  I like Jasmine’s now look MUCH more than her old one.  I am going to want some piece of merchandise with her on it.


new pocahontasPocahontas was a little disappointing in the first refurbishment.  All they did was add sparkles to her dress-nothing special.  However, this recent transformation is my favorite one out of all of them.  The top fringe of Pocahontas’ dress is bejeweled with the colors of the wind (see what I did there) and her necklace is now tan with blue jewels scattered throughout it with one big jewel that drops down.  My absolute FAVORITE thing they did to Pocahontas is add earrings.  No, they aren’t gold like most of the other ones.  They are feathers that perfectly match her dress.  Two big feathers and two little pieces of what looks like leather fall from each earlobe.  I want these earrings!  I think this takes the place of a crown on her head and make her look more like a princess than ever.  I am so glad that Disney didn’t remove the tattoo from her right arm, because that is my favorite thing about her.  I hope this leads to a face character and merchandise for women sooner rather than later.

Mulannew mulan

Where do I begin with his one?  For the first refurbishment, her hair was in a bun and she was seen in the dress that is shown at the beginning of her movie.  Disney added gold accents and made it look like royalty.  I didn’t like this because Mulan, herself, thought that the dress didn’t reflect her personality and it just wasn’t her.  It was like she was someone’s puppet.  I just don’t think that Mulan would want to wear that, and I dislike her being seen in the dress that Mulan didn’t like in her movie.  Not to mention, Mulan really finds out who she is when she is wearing the warrior outfit.   In my opinion, this is equivalent to Cinderella or Snow White being seen at the parks in their rags.  Then Disney attempted to change her look again last week.  Mulan is now in a gold dress that I don’t remember seeing in ANY movie. It is another outfit that I would think that Mulan wouldn’t be proud of.  I like the dress, but it’s not something I can picture Mulan wearing.  Now let’s move on to her face.  She is of a lighter complexion than she is in her movie.  I don’t know why this ticks me off so much, but it does.  I know that in the beginning of her movie women had to put white powder on their faces, but the way it is blended in the pictures just looks “off.”  The makeup (lipstick, blush) on her face seems WAY too dark for her new, lighter complexion.  The hair is my least favorite part of the whole thing.  Why is it long?  Just like the dress after the first makeover, I think that Mulan cutting her hair showed that she was not happy being who others wanted her to be.  Mulan was her own person and no one could change that.  I don’t mind the bun and Chinese accents at the top of her head, but I think the bun should be fuller and her hair should be shorter in the back.  Overall, Mulan disappointed me.  In a way, it reversed the message of the movie, which is to be you.  I would much rather see her in her warrior outfit.


new tianaTiana didn’t really change that much in either makeover.  In the first one, sparkles were sprinkled throughout her dress.  A few small tendrils were added to the sides of her face, which I like. Besides those things, Tiana didn’t receive any other changes.  Even when Disney decided to do another makeover on the girls, Tiana didn’t get any other major changes.  I think that Tiana will be the one princess that won’t be getting merchandise or face character changes, or at least be the last to be redone.  Her details don’t seem to be as noticeable as the other princesses, so why waste money on redoing her?

Rapunzelnew rapunzel

I knew from the start that Rapunzel was going to look a little awkward because we are used to seeing her with CGI animation, not 2D.  Prepping myself for looking at the picture, I was pleasantly surprised. They kept the playfulness in her eyes and the thickness of her hair.  As with Tiana, Disney didn’t make any changes to Rapunzel the second time around.  Overall, I prefer CGI Rapunzel over hand-drawn Rapunzel, but she still looks very nice and better than I expected.


I am confident that the newest batch of Disney Merchandise will feature the new princess looks.  Slowly, the characters in the parks will start looking like their newly drawn counterpart on the website.  I hope that, just like with Cinderella, that the other princesses’ looks will grow on me more than they have now.

Do you have a strong opinion about any of the new princess looks? Leave a comment below about which you loved and which you didn’t.

Last week’s “Where in the World?” was from Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.  Nobody got this one correct, but good luck next time!

See ya REAL soon!

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Quote of the Week:  *blood curdling scream* “Oh my God, I gotta get out of here.  I am not even looking back.”   ~Lou Mongello in response to Scott Otis screaming outside of Norway during the 6th anniversary show.


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7 thoughts on “The Disney Princesses Get Another Makeover (Part Two)”

  1. Sarah says:

    I will love Jasmine no matter what, she is the most gorgeous Disney Princess, in my opinion (they are all beautiful but she was my favorite growing up). That being said, I still like the original look best. At first I hated the changes (how dare they?!) but I can’t really stay mad, it is nice. The movie will still have her in her original form. 🙂

    Mulan – omg WHY?! She hated the pale makeup! I can understand they want her in a dress to match the other princesses, but the pale face really bothers me. I agree – I don’t think Mulan would wear the makeup, perhaps not even the dress (unless there was a hidden sword or pants underneath!)

  2. Natalie says:

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed with Pocahontas’ makeover. I think Disney could’ve given a bit more of a nod to traditional Native American craft and beadwork, and her earrings – to quote a posting I read on tumblr – look like something from Urban Outfitters.

    I’m also, like Makena, not pleased with Mulan’s new longer hair. Her whole story is about not fitting in with gender norms and I think she represented that fact with her shorter hair. The changing of hair and skintone makes her look so much more generic.

    That said, perhaps I’m an old stick in the mud because I am happy that they have not changed too much with the other three princesses shown here.

  3. Kendall F says:

    I completely agree about Mulan. I don’t understand why some princesses are portrayed as they are at the end of their movies and others are shown in their original state. For example, Ariel is no longer a mermaid, but Rapunzel still has long blonde locks. Why can’t we have a short-haired, brunette Rapunzel or a warrior princess Mulan?

  4. I agree with the Mulan thing! I haven’t watched the movie in a while, but isn’t the whole point of it that she wants to be herself, but is constantly pressured to look like the above picture? hah

  5. Eileen B. says:

    The problem, it appears to me, is that Disney is concentrating on the “princess” aspect – each of the ladies is being updated to make them more feminine and less likely to be able to take care of themselves. Whereas in real life we are encouraging girls that they can do anything they want and do not need a prince to rescue them, their Disney idols are now reflecting the romantic “oh, save me”, helpless personality. Belle in particular annoys me – while she is a dreamy bookworm, her appearance was very practical, as a girl from a small provincial town should be. She was strong enough to rebuff Gaston. Now she just looks like she’s only capable of waltzing and gathering flowers. I first saw her new look at the shop in New Fantasyland and immediately said “that’s NOT our Belle – she’s too girly”. I really feel that Disney is taking a wrong turn on this (and Pocahontas and Mulan are VERY wrong – whole face structure changed, not just dress).

  6. Tony E says:

    of all the makeovers, Pocahontas looks the best

  7. Jasmine has always been my favorite princess. I think she looks great with her makeover.