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Editor’s Note: You will delight in this post series by our very own Richard Bernato, which features the Family Farkle, and their courtroom efforts to reach a conclusion to the question: is head of the family Fred Farkle guilty of over-planning every element of a Walt Disney World vacation?  You will laugh and smile–and perhaps see a little part of yourself in these posts.  And when we are done–YOU will serve as juror!  Before that happens, we need to follow the proceedings!  This week we will post three installments of the courtroom drama, and then in subsequent weeks we will post additions every Thursday.  We are certain you will look forward to following the drama and intrigue!  Now, without further ado, will the court please come to order!

by Richard Bernato

FarkleThis was the first order of business in the case of the Farkle Family versus their Father Fred.

Setting: Court room. Various Disney characters and Cast members are already seated.

Entrance rear: Attorneys, both for the Plaintiff and the Defendant enter from rear door. The Plaintiffs, Fanny Farkle, wife; Francine Farkle, teenage daughter; and Fabio Farkle, younger son, enter next and sit beside their attorney, Filomena Francis.

After they are seated, the defendant, Fred Farkle, enters from the rear entrance and sits with his attorney, Frank Philpot. As he seats himself he shoots a friendly glance at his family. They return the glance with a smile.

Court Clerk: All rise for Judge Julia.

The courtroom participants rise in unison. Judge Julia strides in  from stage right, acknowledges her Court Clerk and sits herself. She props glasses at the end of her nose, opens a thick folder, looks over her glasses at the courtroom.

Judge Julia: You may be seated. Court Clerk please read the charges.

Court Clerk: On this day we are hear to judge the complaints of the Farkle Family, Mrs. Fanny Farkle, Francine Farkle, and Fabio Farkle against the defendant, Mr. Fred Farkle. Their complaints are that Mr. Farkle’s so-called Type A obsession with Walt Disney World and particularly with planning every detail about any such trip in fact ruins any enjoyment they may have had from any said trip and indeed becomes a matter of such strain and stress that they suffer from physical and emotional ailments as a result of Mr. Farkle’s behavior.

Courtroom participants begin to murmur.

Judge Julia: (pounds the gavel) Oh we’ll have no such reaction from the visitors.

Very well, we will hear opening arguments from the Plaintiff’s attorney tomorrow.

And that will be on the next post!



Rich may be the only blogger who; had an ORIGINAL Davy Crockett coonskin cap (and wishes he still had it); watched Disney’s Wonderful World of Color in black and white; watched the Disneyland opening ceremonies on that same black and white; AND rode the original It’s a Small World in the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. In addition, he is a college professor, and a grandfather of six whom he is thoroughly dis-doctrinating as often as possible.



3 thoughts on “The Family Farkle, versus Dad Fred Farkle, in The Case of the Swat Team Planner”

  1. What a great start! I’m about to read the next one as soon as I stop typing this so riiiiiiigggghhhhhttttt noooooow!

  2. elbug10 says:

    These started back in November, right? Or is this a different case? I’m trying to read them in order, but can’t seem to find them all together. How many posts have there been? They are very entertaining.

  3. Christy Viszoki says:

    Hi, elbug–We are re-launching the series, so you will see all the material from November re-posted followed by the new material! 😉 Thanks for the interest and support! We <3 FRED FARKLE!