/ Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

image001Yesterday, the Disney Parks Blog announced an exciting new element to the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival: A culinary program entitled “TRYit.”  Designed in conjunction with Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living initiative, the goal is to encourage younger guests to try new, healthy foods.

Jens Dahlmann, executive chef for Epcot, said in the blog,  “For some dishes, we found fun and interesting ways to present them, like the ‘Frushi’ [fruit sushi] for example, while other dishes such as the Watermelon Salad combine a familiar fruit paired with the unusual tastes of arugula and feta cheese, making it a whole new experience.”

As a parent of three notoriously picky eaters (and yes, I admit, I am a picky eater as well.  I was the one whoimage002 ordered chicken nuggets while dining with Lou and Tony in Morocco!)  I am really excited about the idea of there being small-portion dishes that give my children the opportunity to “try it” without the risk of buying an entree that after one bite receives a twisted look and a decree of “gross.”  I am thinking we can purchase single item and allow all 3 children to try a bite.  I’m also planning to review the items in advance with them and have them make predictions about their favorite items and then rate them after trying each bite.  It will be our own version of Top Chef–“Top Chef: Disney Kid Edition!”  (Though I’m telling you now–I hold out very little hope for the beet lollipop!)

Below is a list of the items that will be offered as part of the TRYit program.  Which do you think your children will like most?  I’ll have my children start with the top vote getters first, and we will report back!

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And let’s hear from our younger Disney fans!  Which do YOU want to try?  Ask mom or dad and with their help, post your thoughts in the comments below!



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  1. I love that they are calling it “TRYit!” It makes it sound much less intimidating!