Topics in this week’s Disney news include:

– Adventurers Outpost on Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom
– Oz: The Great and Powerful in Epcot
– Joffrey’s coffee in Walt Disney World and Disneyland
– Disney TRYit in Epcot during Flower and Garden Festival
– And more!

Thanks for watching! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello



12 thoughts on “Video: WDW NewsCast – Oz in Epcot, Adventurers Outpost, Joffrey’s, Disney TRYit at Flower and Garden – Feb. 20, 2013”

  1. swarlock says:

    Meh to Pandora. Sorry Lou.

  2. Brandon Adair says:

    While I’m not sold on Pandora (even though I love Avatar), we can’t deny how beautiful Pandora has the potential to be, especially at night.

  3. jaybird1043 says:

    They have a great give away at Oz… A really nice button pin, but marigold seeds in a special Oz packaged envelope!

  4. betht1614 says:

    I **Love** that they are keeping guests in the loop Re: Wait Times for transportation. I can not wait for it to get to a resort level. The wait times of the bus system are one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially when you have waited 30 minutes and the bus is full from previous resort stops.

  5. polandfish says:

    I’m game for Pandora. As you said its about the Pandora environment and people, not necessarily the exact stories from the movies.
    And I believe if Disney does the new land very well, it doesn’t matter the subject. Cars is one of the least popular Pixar movies but they did an amazing job with the land which has made it crazy popular.

  6. alljunk1031 says:

    I still can’t wrap my head around how they are going to make that area flow with the other lands, or what story they’re trying to tell by adding it. I guess I’m more curious than excited.

  7. The Pooh Crew says:

    Menu items for Try It please

  8. Ken says:

    I am looking forward to Pandora at AK. If anyone can make it work it would be the Imagineers and another fantastic Nature themed environment to compliment the already amazing natural surroundings of the Animal Kingdom park can only be a GOOD thing! Keep the growth of the Parks going Disney execs!

  9. jaycee012273 says:

    I think that Avatar was not very popular. I don’t see it lasting long term It is not something I would rush out to see. A land based on this is not a smart idea should pick a new theme!!

  10. Chaney says:

    When i first heard the announcement for Avatar Land, i admit that i instantly shot it down. The movie itself had a heavy military/violent presence to it. The story itself didn’t sound like something Disney, much less the parks, would include as an entertainment property. I thank Lou for introducing a new way to look at it. If it was more about the environment and creatures, and less about the story, then i would be perfectly fine with it. Animal Kingdom NEEDS some kind of upgrade, and this might be the best way to do it.

  11. ddc163264 says:

    Do not care much for Avatar. Saw it to waste 4 hours while waiting for a bus. Plus James Cameron is a egotistical self absorbed male diva. If Titanic had turned out like Waterworld, we would not even been talking about him. Luckily he found a subject that the world is still fascinated with and made millions on the backs of the dead. I don’t think Animal Kingdom will be a day/night park. The original reason still exists for the time limit: the animals.

  12. SeeAnnSave says:

    Great show, Lou!!!