/ Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Extraordinary Magic in Everyday Life

by Blake Taylor

There I was, in the gentle glow of the campus coffee shop. I was surfing the web and relaxing after a psychology test, letting my mind ease as I scrolled endlessly through reports of Epcot flowers, enhanced maps, and high-tech bathrooms.  I casually glanced up from my computer as a stranger entered the coffee shop—and I saw it. The item in the stranger’s hand.

I knew what it was, and I knew where she got it. I had not seen one outside my own household since the last visit to the mouse: a Disney resort refillable mug.

mugIt was right there, miles away from the most magical place on Earth. It had taken the same journey I had, and now our paths had crossed. Alas, the spasm that my face displayed as I recognized the stranger’s cup probably threw away any possibility of striking up a conversation. And even if I had said something, it would have likely been incoherent gibberish consisting of the fact that I knew the exact time frame she had purchased that mug based on the design it boasted (a large Mickey face with balloons everywhere… any guesses?). But that would have made me come across as far more creepy than I really am, so maybe it’s for the best that I kept quiet.

After the mug encounter, I began to notice other similar occurrences. It was like the very thought of a Disney vacation was teasing me everywhere I walked. A few days later, I saw a guy sporting a Perry the Platypus trucker hat under his large headphones and loud music. Another time I strolled past the very same coffee shop as earlier on jazz night to hear “When You Wish Upon a Star” being played by a live band. Several days after that (I kid you not, I cannot make this stuff up), a college-aged girl in the distance wearing Minnie Mouse ears. By the time I did a double take, the girl was gone out of sight.

Disney stuff was popping up everywhere! At first I felt weirded out, but then I felt comforted. It was nice to see that so many people have an appreciation for Disney that they aren’t afraid to share in public. Do you ever experience this? Does Disney ever sneak up on you in a place you least expect it to???  Share your stories, and YOU could be randomly selected to win a WDW Radio Mystery Ticket!

Congrats to PAUL C. for being the first randomly-selected recipient of a Mystery Ticket for sharing his magical memory of the Magic Kingdom in my post 2 weeks ago.  Watch for more opportunities toshare YOUR memories and perhaps win a Mystery Ticket as well!

Blake is a college student focusing on Creative Writing and Media Studies. He enjoys making his family of six watch the parade on Main Street and then sprint to Frontierland in time to see it again. You can follow Blake’s random Disney ramblings on Twitter at @blakeonline, or at BlakeOnline.com.



9 thoughts on “Finding Disney: When Disney Finds You”

  1. Paul C says:

    The week after we came back from our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, someone saw my AKL t-shirt at a local buffet. They ended up sitting beside us and asked a ton of questions, since they were staying there for the first time the very next week.

    We were happy to give advice, but we ended up staying at the restaurant for over two hours talking.

  2. Becky says:

    I always find Disney crops up when Im thinking about booking a holiday, its like Disney knows and is pushing me in the right direction.

    I will talk about it, then seconds later a TV advert will come on.

    I will see someone wearing a Walt Disney World jumper or sweatshirt, (a very rare occurence that I notice in UK).

    I am also reading a book, lent from my mums friend that is at least 6 years old, that made a small reference to WDW (how odd is that! this book is old, and I was bored so started reading it!)

    Also I will notice every car that has a mickey antenna topper, (again not as common in UK) and my boyfriend now notices me noticing!

    My sister and myself was saying bye one random afternoon, she said it in an unusual voice, then questions where it is from…
    we both think about it then realise it is the buh-bye of the chester and hester primivial whirl!!

    It was unexpected, Disney had not been spoke about or mentioned, yet we both knew where it came from!

    Im sure there are lots more that at the moment I cant think of, but I know when it does happen, it always makes me smile!

  3. As we speak, I have a Coronado Springs mug sitting here on my work desk. Disney every day. I need it.

  4. Lorraine P.(strawberrylilacs) says:

    Just yesterday at the doctor’s office we started talking WDW, her planning a visit in June and I next April and here we are across the country in Seattle. Had fun discussing the Disney Resorts. Well there went most of my expensive half hour but well worth the enjoyment. Nothing out of the ordinary spectacular, but a common occurrence alot of us encounter and something that makes our day.

  5. My favorite part of this is that you couldn’t contain yourself upon seeing the mug and that you knew if you tried to speak it would just be gibberish. I can relate to that same feeling, my friend!

  6. Zac B says:

    I recently got a job at the local ABC affiliate TV station. I happened to hear our weatherman talking about taking a trip to The World. So I apologized for interrupting and then told them about WDW Radio and the “Top 10s” shows. While I was rattling off tips and favorite blog posts a coworker asked “Are you talking about Lou Mongello?” I was totally shocked.

    Since then we have had a great friendship founded on Disney magic.

    The magic is out there and it pops up where you least expect it.

    Great blog Blake!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. Caitlin says:

    My house is filled with Disney memoribilia, so it’s all around me.

    I even use a Mickey bobblehead pen at work.

    But outside the house… hoodies. Hoodies everywhere. On kids, on adults, everywhere.

  8. Shanna says:

    I think the oddest one was when my dental hygienist was asking how I have been as I was sitting down. I said great, we had just gotten back from a cruise and half marathon and she starts talking about how great it is sailing on DCL (she is gold apparently). Once I said it had been the Fantasy and we did the race at WDW she was off! It was as a VERY odd cleaning – lots of awkward conversation with her hands in my mouth but SO much we wanted to say… and I think she forgot to polish my lower teeth altogether! 😉

  9. Benny Laughlin says:

    I bought a castle lanyard that I keep my work ID and door card on. I also have a resort mug at my office and I’m not the only one. A co-worker wears a Disney Parks windbreaker during winter. So I get a daily reminder of WDW each day at the office.