/ Saturday, March 30th, 2013

logo 2 againHere is a quick recap of some of this week’s popular posts, podcasts, videos, events and more:



WDW Radio # 317 – Abandoned Spaces of Walt Disney World and Our Ideas for Them


Caitlin shares her favorite hidden secrets from the parks.

The Farkle v. Farkle case advances when the teen speaks.

The WDW Radio Exchange returns with advice on how to celebrate a birthday in Walt Disney World.

Time to meet more box people!


What do you truly want?

Complete your puzzle.

A box prank done right.

UPCOMING EVENTS:walt-disney-family-musem

  • Go to the Walt Disney Museum with the WDW Radio Group on April 13th, 2013. Buy your tickets NOW!
  • Join Lou and crew in Hawaii at Aulani Resort & Spa July 15 – 20, 2013.
  • On the road with the WDW Radio Team at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California August 9 – 11, 2013.
  • The WDW Radio Cruise 3.0, which sets sail November 2 – 9, 2013 will be the happiest cruise that has ever sailed.  Book today!


  • Tune into another WDW Radio newscast at [7:30] on Wednesday.
  • The WDW Radio Hall of Fame makes an appearence.

POLL OF THE WEEK: Inspired by discussions in this week’s news:

What wrap do you want to see on the monorail?

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3 thoughts on “WDW Radio Week in Review 3/24: Tweets, Blogs, and Monorail POLL!!”

  1. Thor later this year might have an art wrap like Iron Man.

  2. Brittany Amyuni says:

    I would love to see the monorails wrapped like the Fab Five!

  3. Stan Solo says:

    I would like to see all of them and more I think the monorail wraps are so cool and expecily can’t wait to see the Star Wars one 2016.