/ Friday, April 12th, 2013

by Yaelle Sajkowicz

store3This past Friday, I happened to find myself near Times Square so, of course, I could not resist a visit to the Disney Store. I ended up surprised to find the first floor closed off to customers by construction barriers, plastic sheeting and a guard. It turns out the first floor is undergoing some major renovations. For those who are counting, this is the third renovation for the store since it opened in November 2010.

The second floor, featuring the baby and children’s clothes and toys, is still open for business, so if you were planning a trip to the store during the next few weeks, you can still get your dose of Disney magic.

I caught up with store cast members and friends of WDW Radio – Robby (who co- hosted the WDW Radio presentation when we visited in June) and Brittany Jo, who said that the renovations have been coming along according to schedule and the store should be re-opened sometime in May. Couldn’t get any details on what is actually going on behind the scenes with the update but it certainly seems promising.  I know that I am excited to see what updates are in store for us.

Disney is keeping the renovation job in house, assigning cast members Wreck-It Ralph to the demolition work and Fix-It Felix for the clean up.


Based in Westchester, New York, Yaelle rediscovered her love for Walt Disney World in 2006 when she took her husband there for his very first visit. That trip was a big success, thanks to her extensive research and planning, and she found herself forever enchanted by the Happiest Place on Earth. Although she can’t visit as often as she would like, she makes each vacation a magical and memorable experience.  Yaelle covers New York-based Disney events for WDW Radio.



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  1. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to come by and see the Disney Store one day see what’s new there.