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On Sunday March 24, WDW Radio hosted its first Day at the Movies Event at the AMC Theater in Downtown Disney.  A group of approximately 100 members of the WDW Radio family gathered in Oz5near-tornado conditions (how’s that for theming an event?) for a private screening of Oz the Great and Powerful.

In advance of the screening, Disney historian and friend of WDW Radio Jim Korkis joined Lou for some fun Oz-themed question and answers, focusing on the Disney connection with the Frank Baum series.  A number of Oz-themed prizes were awarded to attendees, including t-shirts, Vinylmations, signed copies of Jim’s books, and  mystery tickets.

















During the two and a half-hour movie, the sun came out, enabling the group to proceed to the Meet of the Month!  Located  by Wetzel’s Pretzels by the Characters in Flight balloon, the group discussed future movie Oz1screenings it would like (including vintage Disney movies) and completed Oz trivia (see below!) for the chance to win a custom drawing by Brian Blackmore— Mickey Mouse as the Wizard of Oz himself!  Those in attendance also were the first to receive a WDW Radio passport, complete with a stamp for the Oz event.

As with all Meets of the Month, it was fabulous to meet so many wonderful people and to put names with faces!  Smiles abounded and the day ended, in spite of its earlier storms, with a beautiful sunset.  We look forward to planning and hosting more WDW Radio at the Movies events, so be sure to stay tuned to the show and events page–we hope you can join us!!


Below, please find the trivia questions (and answers) from the trivia contest that all movie attendees were invited to enter.

Oz31. Which actress played Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”? (JUDY GARLAND)

2. What movie company produced “The Wizard of Oz?” (MGM)

3. What was the name of the Disney- produced movie, released in the 1985, that also based on books about Oz? (RETURN TO OZ)

4. In the “Muppet Wizard of Oz,” who played the Tin Man? (GONZO)

5. The success of which Walt Disney movie helped to convince a rival movie company Oz4to produce the Wizard of Oz? (SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS)

6. Where in Walt Disney World have Dorothy’s ruby slippers been on display? (THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE)

7. Who was the director of “Oz, the Great and Powerful”? (SAM RAIMI)

8. In 1957, Disney Studios announced they would be producing an Oz-inspired, live-action musical film—which never came to fruition.  What was to have been that movie’s title? (THE RAINBOW ROAD TO OZ)

9. Why did Buddy Ebsen, who was the  original Tin Man, leave production of the Wizard of Oz? (ALLERGIC TO THE SILVER MAKE UP)

Oz210. Which actress plays Glinda in “OZ, the Great and Powerful”? (MICHELLE WILLIAMS)

11. In what US state was much of “Oz the Great and Powerful” filmed?  (MICHIGAN)

12. Who was the primary author of the many books about the city of Oz? (L. FRANK BAUM)

13. In “The Wizard of Oz,” what was the name of Dorothy’s dog? (TOTO)Brian Blackmore Mickey Oz

14. According to “Oz the Great and Powerful,” what is the Great Oz’s full name? (OSCAR DIGGS)

15. What is the name of the Broadway musical that also recounts the years before “The Wizard of Oz” takes place?  (WICKED)

We had eight perfect entries submitted, and as the directions stated, one was selected at random to receive the custom Mickey Mouse drawing.  Congratulations to Marianne Moses Magee, whose paper was selected at random to receive the prize!






5 thoughts on “OZ Movie Event Recap and TRIVIA Answers Announced”

  1. Norman Cavey says:

    Lou, Since there was only eight people with all the right answers can you tell us who they were

  2. Norman Cavey says:

    Will the video of the song Jim Korkis sang ever be shown. It was so funny

  3. Wow! Thanks for a recap of the event! I’m so excited that there will be more movie screenings like this! I hope I can make it to one! This is so great!!!

  4. Linda Raymond says:

    It was a GREAT time…..can’t wait to do more movie meets,,,,,Thanks,,,,,

  5. It was great meeting Jim Korkis at the meet, the passport looks good with sponsors.