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Last Wednesday night, someone in The Box came up with the idea to create a Hall of Fame, which would highlight specific unforgettable moments from WDW Radio history. Once Lou saw this idea, he said, “Makena, I want you to hop on it.”  So, I did and here it is: a walk down memory lane with a few of our favorite WDW Radio moments and maybe some that we might want to forget, but never will. I even created a corresponding video to this blog, which you can view below or on YouTube HERE. Enjoy!


Mr. Lou’s Wild Ride

This moment occurred during the 40 Hour Show in 2011.  It was very late at night (actually very early in the morning) and the crew was going from Epcot to the Yacht and Beach Club.  Lou was driving and everybody was just running on adrenaline by this point.  Even the stupidest things were funny during this insane car ride.  So many things were going on at once.  There was singing, laughing, song mixes and crazy facial expressions all at once.  One specific part of the car ride was when “Puttin on the Ritz” started blasting in the car, and Lou started singing along.   Just after this, he played the Jaws theme, which put a lot of fear in Beci.  Even though it was late at night, everybody was cheery and having fun.  Nobody even seemed the least bit tired.

The Fairy Wings
“This is how I roll!”

At the end of the 5 Hour Show, Lou thought he was all clear.  No more embarrassing missions or daunting tasks.  But he was oh, so wrong.  Christy had one final little mission up her sleeve (or in her bag).  Lou had to walk out of the Magic Kingdom wearing fairy wings.  Beci even decided to up the ante and make him wear a tiara from an earlier challenge.  This isn’t a very recognizable moment from WDW Radio, but I love it anyway.

Listen to a Whole New Spark
“I got spit on by a camel.”

This title might have caught you a little of guard.  What is Listen to a Whole New Spark?  Well, it is a combination of three famous Disney songs:  Listen to the Land, A Whole New World, and One Little Spark.  What do all of these three songs have in common?  The WDW Radio team had to sing them in the parks during the 5th and 6th Anniversary Shows.  A Whole New World came first, and it sure was memorable.  Tony and Glenn sang their hearts out.  Almost exactly a year later, EVERYBODY had to sing One Little Spark in front of the Imagination pavilion and Listen to the Land in front of the Land pavilion.  Lou and crew had to sing the ENTIRE songs for the 6th Anniversary Show, and in Listen to the Land they even got solos!  When the gang sings, you better not be drinking something because it might end up all over your computer screen!

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Before Carsland was opened up to the public, there was a media event that Lou and Beci attended.  All of the attractions, restaurants, and experiences were available as if it was open to the public, which created a once in a lifetime experience.  Beci and Lou decided to hop on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and take advantage of the fact that there was no line.  Once they got on the ride, these two were hooting and hollering and looked like they were having tons of fun.  Once again, this isn’t a very iconic WDW Radio moment, but I love how you can see the happiness in both of their faces and the amount of fun that they were having was over the top.

The Incident
“We never speak of The Incident.”

The Incident deserves to be capitalized.  This tragic event happened on February 9th, during the celebration of the 6th Anniversary Show.  The gang had to do whatever viewers and listeners voted on, and everybody knew it was going to be entertaining and hilarious … but nobody expected this.  One of the tasks that Tony, Glenn, Scott, and Tony (sadly Beci couldn’t make it) had to complete was wear Viking hats and scream on Maelstrom.  Christy decided to make Viking hats out of paper, and most of the men didn’t like that (*AHEM* Lou).  As they made their way to Maelstrom, they realized that the line was long, and it would chomp up valuable time that could be spent doing other challenges.  So they made the smart decision to alter the plan, and have a solo Scott Otis scream in front of the Maelstrom.  Well, when Scott screamed, he SCREAMED.  It sounded like somebody was being murdered.  Everybody in Norway stopped and stared (they probably did this in the real Norway too).  Time seemed frozen until Lou broke the spell and darted in the other direction pretending that he didn’t know Scott.  Most people didn’t like this situation and joke about it being the worst thing ever.  But personally, this might be one of my favorite WDW Radio moments EVER.  Yeah, ever.  It was the funniest thing that Scott has ever done.

The Prank
“Is this a box conspiracy?”

Just last Wednesday, March 27th, The Box decided to pull a prank on Lou.  After three weeks of planning, we pulled it off without a hitch.  I guess I should start from the beginning.  One late Box night, Lou had logged off but I hung around with some Box People.  I mentioned an idea that I have had for a little while “Should we pull a prank on Lou for April Fool’s Day?”  Overall, it got an amazing response. Eventually we all worked together and came up with this idea:  During the lightning round, which is when everybody in The Box asks Lou questions and he tries to answer them as quickly as possible, we were all going to ask Lou the same thing.  After a few questions were tossed in the air, everybody seemed to like one specific question:  “Who is your favorite box person?”  Lou, of course, wouldn’t answer this question:  which is even funnier because there would be no other questions besides that one circulating through the box.  That night, I constructed a paragraph about our plan including what night we would conduct the sinister plan, March 27, and started to spread the word.

When the day finally rolled around, I got worried that it wasn’t going to work out.  What if nobody participated and it just fizzled out?DYING BOX CONSPIRACY  What if everybody thought it was a stupid idea?  What if Lou cuts the show short and there is no lightning round.  All of these doubts escaped my mind once I started sending out another reminder that recapped the prank and explained that it was that night.  All of the feedback was positive and everybody was very excited.  That night, I tried to send each person in The Box another reminder, so that everybody had the opportunity to join in on the joke.  This message was more specific: the cue was that I would say it in capital letters so everyone could see it, then they should fire away!  Once I said “April Fools!” or something of the sort, the question would stop being asked (we don’t want to spam the box TOO much).  Again, the positive feedback came.

Finally the moment arrived.  Lou said “Alright, let’s do ten minutes of lightning round.  GO!”  I waited a few seconds, just to let a few other questions get answered.  Then I dropped the gate.  I let the horses run.  I waved the green flag.  And I typed what people were waiting to see:  “Who is your favorite box person?”  I never expected what happened next.  The box was FLOODED.  I NEVER expected an outcome like this.  It was greater than I ever hoped for!  I only took one screenshot because I was laughing so hard.  Lou exclaimed “Whoa, whoa slow down!  Let me catch up.”  He saw the question and responded “All of you are my favorite box people.”  Then he looked back at the box and got the most confused look on his face.  By this point I was laughing.  A lot.  He was very professional and started to pick between the lines and answered true questions, but that didn’t last for long.  “Why are you all asking the same question?” he pondered with a smile and a chuckle.  Lou was just staring at the box.  A few seconds later he said “Is this a box conspiracy?” then finally, it hit him.  “It’s not April yet, is it?”  I figured enough was enough, and I gave the cue to stop asking.  He got a good laugh out of it and asked how long it had been being planned.  Everybody threw me under the bus and said it was my idea and how many weeks of planning went into it (Thanks, guys).  I might have logged out with a target on my back that night.  But you know what?  It was worth it.  And if I started a prank war?  Bring.  It.  On.



These are obviously just a few of many memorable WDW Radio moments that are worthy of being included in the Hall of Fame.  What do you think should be placed in the next WDW Radio Hall of Fame installment?  Did I leave out your most iconic incident or event?   Leave a comment below sharing one of your unforgettable WDW Radio moments.   Maybe I will feature them in the next Hall of Fame montage!

See ya REAL soon!

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Quote of the Week: “Why are you all asking the same question?” ~Lou Mongello, during the box prank

Makena is a 14 year old high school student who spends much of her free time researching Disney. She enjoys sharing Disney facts and even plans Walt Disney World vacations (including searches for secrets and Hidden Mickeys) for friends and family. Makena began blogging for WDW Radio in December 2011.





19 thoughts on “The WDW Radio Hall of Fame: Some of Our Most Unforgettable Moments (with Video!)”

  1. Lou Mongello says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you SO much Makena and All of you who are my friends and make these memories possible. I love you guys!!!!

  2. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    your best blog yet Mak. I think the Olga stories deserve a spot in the WDW Radio Hall Of Fame next

  3. Craig Hargrove says:

    Great job Makena, I really enjoyed it. Since I am new to the box, I would like to see more. Keep it going.

  4. dizneluver says:

    You rock MAK!!! 😀

  5. dizneluver says:

    The WDW Radio Singers!!! 8(:-D

  6. dizneluver says:

    When do you think you will get Part 2 out!?!?! 😀

  7. Kelly D aka Dizneluver says:

    Olga and his admirer from D23….I forgot his/her name 🙂

  8. elbug10 says:

    Great blog post, Makena and I’m proud to say I was witness to all these Hall of Fame moments.

    I agree with Tony E (Backsideofwater) that the Olga stories deserve a mention. I know not everyone was there, because it was late at night (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it) during the 24 hour show, I think (someone will correct me if I’m wrong) where Lou was trying to tell a serious story about his first fiance, Olga and we call kept interrupting with silly questions like “was she from Norway?” and “Olga sounds like a fairy tale witch’s name; did she have a wart?” After about 10 minutes of this he finally gave up. We were all laughing hysterically by then. It may have been due to the lack of sleep, but it was REALLY funny, and to this day, all a Box Person has to say is “Olga” and most of us know what you’re referring to.

    Two other Hall of Fame moments happened fairly recently The Great Hunt for Otis around Ft. Wilderness in which the Box spent the better part of an hour searching for Scott.

    Also The Great Microwave Fire of 2012. This was during The Food and Wine Expo at the Swan and Dolphin (again, someone please jump in and correct the name if I have it wrong). Lou was gleefully showing The Box around all the exhibits and eating his way through the samples, oblivious to the fact that Box Person Krisbee’s husband had nearly set their kitchen on fire trying to take the base off a candle by putting it in the microwave. The base had metal and apparently sparked and caused a small fire inside her microwave. That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that Krisbee, who was in the kitchen at the time, was so engrossed in The Box that she didn’t notice the smoke or that anything was going on until the fan going and the window being open to air out the smoke made her chilly! Even more hysterical was that Lou continued on, blissfully unaware that poor Krisbee now needed a new microwave! Nothing disctracts Lou from food and nothing distracts a Box Person from Lou! 🙂

  9. CriesDuringWishes says:

    Oh, that haunting scream…

    LOL you picked great moments for the Hall of Fame!
    I know you worked hard on this video Mak and we love it and we love you.
    Thanks for all you do.

  10. Stan Solo says:

    Mak, these are defently the highlights and deserve to be in the WDW Radio hall of fame. The prank I did not know about until now (I had to cut out early last week) I’m so sad I missed it.

    Other unforgettable moments was calling the phone booths at the UK pavilion and on the cruise when Lou came around the corner and so many of the box people including you Mak were waiting for Lou. It was nice to see box people out of the box.

    On a personal note my most unforgettable moment was when I was out of the box at the Contemporary and got to meet not only Lou, Deanna and their two kids but Scott, Glen, Beckerman and Andre a fellow box person.

  11. Beci Mahnken says:

    Best… post.. EVER!

    I watched the video and laughed so hard I cried…

    Nice work pal!

  12. Joseph Carroll says:

    I too remember these events, Great Job compiling all of these memories. Gosh that yell at the end……:-)

  13. This was great! The one thing I do every time I watch a WDW Radio event, I smile. From start to finish. So much fun. Such great comradery. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching and listening to Lou and the WDW Radio family.

  14. Robin N. says:

    I can’t remember when it was, but I know it was years ago. Lou was having a conversation with someone on the show, and they were talking about going to the Magic Kingdom, and it was so unexpectedly crowded. He couldn’t believe the lack of lines, in fact, Lou said excitedly, “I walked on Pooh!” His co-host started laughing and then Lou realized what he said, and tried to backtrack to explain that he meant he walked right on the Pooh ride, but then he lost it laughing too. I think of that now whenever I walk past the Pooh ride!

  15. donald1971 says:

    wow this is so funny and awesome great job makena 🙂

  16. andrew says:

    great job

  17. Billy says:

    How about when we were playing ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ during the most recent WDW Radio NJ Meet-up and Lou asked to see if anyone had a Disney tattoo :-P. I’m not sure Lou completely thought that one through before asking. Everyone lost it–haha.