WDW Radio presents the WDW News Cast for April 17, 2013 – Live, Interactive Walt Disney World news from Lou Mongello

Topics in this week’s Disney news include Disney Cruise Line Rumors

QUESTION OF THE WEEK IF Disney Cruise Line was to announce the launch of a new ship, what would you name her? Leave your answers in the COMMENTS below


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– Lou Mongello



14 thoughts on “Video: WDW Radio LIVE – Disney Cruise Line Rumors – April 17, 2013”

  1. Zackxfox34 says:

    I think Disney more shops; like a downtown disney inside. Also. Would be cool to see Castaway Key have a resort and fly out there and stay their

  2. Zackxfox34 says:

    Disney Quest on the Cruise Ship

  3. Zackxfox34 says:

    Laser Tag on the ship

  4. ctechie06 says:

    new ship name… “Enchantment” that what i say.

  5. Kyle Giacomino says:

    The Disney Imagination

  6. iknownothing34 says:

    I think it should be called “Enchantment,” too!

  7. Melissa A. says:

    I think Disney Adventure would be a great name for a new cruise ship. I would like the Disney Magic and Wonder to be renovated like have Aquaduck and have a reataurant like Remy for adults. I would also like if Disney will have more dates for Europe destination and have Asian destinations.

  8. Lindsey Davis says:

    I think “Lillian” or “Imagine” would be good. I would like the “Lillian” better since she also followed hers and Walt’s dreams with every bit of her life and she sacrificed so much for us all to enjoy this wonderful Disney life that we do. Ships are supposed to be named after woman in the captains life and that woman is Lillian for us all. Imagine would go along with the other ships’ names. Imagine the possibilities!

  9. Katie says:

    I think the new ship should be called imagination.

  10. ddc163264 says:

    I think even RCL has learned from Oasis class. The new class is smaller. lots of features but smaller. In adding new ships it makes things simple. base one west coast San Fran to Alaska. Winter LA to the south and Hawaii. 2nd keep TX and western to southern Carrib, keep port CA and those runs. Then New york for summer new england/canada winter bahamas then one for europe summer northern and winter the med. Occasionally throw in specials like panama canal or south america. Simple.

  11. ddc163264 says:

    As far as features on the ships. Disney is already the most expensive general cruise. So stop which the high end stuff. Unless you rich snobs really want to exclude the rest of us, like you would do for the parks if you had the chance. But let the imagineers really push themselves. Something that nobody has ever seen or done before at sea. As far as a name just not one in current use by another line.

  12. James Davies says:

    Yachtsman and Fancy Free came with plans for seven around the world.

  13. Lindsay Baker says:

    So what was the big announcement? I haven’t heard anything “official”… Or I missed it 🙂 If they do another ship I sure hope they come up with a better debarkation process. I thought it was a nightmare on the Fantasy compared to the Magic. Bigger ships require different processes 😉

    Updating the Magic and Wonder would be AWESOME… If only they could expand (ha) and add Remy all would be right.

  14. Jonathan Soong says:

    Thank you Lou for suggesting the sweet potato in liberty square! It was amazing!