/ Friday, April 12th, 2013

dapperThe Limited Time Magic promotion this year has brought Disney guests a variety of magical experiences: from our Boy Band Barbershop to Old Friends Returning to special Easter activities, the magic designed by the Disney Imagineers has been creative and enchanting.  I would imagine the Imagineers have been quite busy!

So, I thought we should help them out.  The month of May is approaching, and with it, a number of occasions on the calendar that could be sprinkled with a little “pixie dust.”  Imagine you were working at WDI and were charged with creating ONE limited time magic promotion for the month of May to honor one of the occasions listed below.  Which would you pick?  How would YOU celebrate that occasion in the parks?  Describe YOUR perfect limited time magic experience for May in the comments below. 

Remember–be creative and believe!

“To spark the creativity of others, you need to find that spark first.”  ~Rhonda Counts, Show Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering, Florida (quoted in The Imagineering Workout)









6 thoughts on “Wanna-be Imagineers: Let’s Design Some Limited Magic for May!”

  1. Glenn Briggs says:

    National Hamburger Month would be fun. They could add new and unusual items at the toppings bar. Offer a massive 1 lb burger. I have a Disney food issue.

  2. Since Mothers are an extremely important part of our lives, I would definitely sprinkle some pixie dust on the moms!

    I would allow all mothers unlimited access to FASTPASS. They would be allowed to bring 1 child along with them per ride……NO DADS!!!! (They have their own day the following month).

    I would also give each Mother some kind of token of remembrance for the day…..pin, bracelet etc!

  3. Yaelle says:

    Of the options listed above for May – I would select Memorial Day and have the characters wear special military uniforms for the parade that week. How cool would it be to see Donald and Daisy in a Navy uniform, Goofy as an Air Force pilot, Minnie and Mickey in the Marines and so on? They would have special character plush and t-shirts.
    Active and retired service personnel get a special pin.
    There will be a place with stacks of Disney cards that guests can fill out and put in a mail slot and that will be sent to soldiers serving abroad.

  4. Daniel Young says:

    During Memorial Day weekend as well as Memorial Day, there can be a concert celebrating the holiday. This concert would be similar to The National Memorial Day Concert held at Washington D.C. This concert can be at the stage across from the American Adventure Pavilion.

    At Magic Kingdom, there can be a special Memorial Day Parade on that Monday. This parade will feature marching bands and an overall military theme with the National Guard and other servicemen participating along with veterans and military vehicles from various wars. Servicemen would be able to sign up either online or at the park the day of the parade.

    Memorial Day is generally associated with the start of the summer season, there will also be special food kiosks serving barbeque.

  5. LIzzie says:

    While I do live in the home of the hamburger (although at the moment it’s more like home of the frozen burger), and think it’s a great idea, I’m going to have to go with Mother’s day. I did debate Graduation though!

    Anyway, for mother’s day, or in this case, Mother’s week, it would be a great idea to have special promotions for the mom’s that are amazing enough to take their kids to Disney (my mom included!) They do so much work, so I think a little relaxation time is in order. On Mother’s day specifically, I believe it would be amazing if for every mom that came through the gate, they got a flower, or something to commemorate the day. A button for all week would be great too!

    But the thing I’d really want to put together is something that entertains everyone, and makes a lasting impression and memory. Throughout the parks, there could be craft stations for kids to create presents for their mom. It would be similar to the KidCot stations at Epcot, but instead of the normal coloring of Duffy (that’s what it was when I was in Florida in November), it could be creating a card or other small gift to give to their mom. I’m sure my mom would appreciate that, even though it’s something small, because it will last for a lifetime and make yet another magical memory from the trip.

    Finally, an addition to one of the fireworks or stage shows would be a great idea. I’m thinking the Celebrate the Magic show with a special addition for the week to celebrate all the moms in the world.

  6. Brian B says:

    Well I think it’d be cool if for mothers day there was a Fairy Godmother Week. The whole shindig would take place in the Magic Kingdom and along with specified meet and greets with the fairy godmother from Cinderella, each day that week, the Fairy Godmother would roam the park and scout out mothers and give them their “wishes” which would range anywhere from a night in the Cinderella Suite with their family, a trip to one of the resort spas, a dinner at Victoria & Alberts, or even something as small as a pair of limited edition appropriately themed mouse ears or a pin.

    Along with this, there could be a “Parade of Moms” which would include not only Disney mothers, yes even wicked step mothers, but perhaps real life inspirational mothers like military moms, or cancer surviving moms, etc.

    To top it all off, there could be some sort of “Magic, Memories, and You” revival with an appropriate theme of motherly moments.