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KK6Hello, my Disney friends, and welcome back!!!  We’re here to stay and ready to have a great time discussing all kinds of Disney books!  We are working on our list to come, so if you have ideas of books you think would be fun to read and discuss as a group, please feel free to comment on the blog about future titles!

But, for now, we are discussing a wonderful Disney book and work by a great friend of WDW Radio, Ridley Pearson: Kingdom Keepers VI: The Dark Passage.  Ridley has been a frequent guest on the show, and will be the guest of honor on the WDW Radio Cruise in November.  His newest in the series–which was released last week— about 5 teenagers who appear as holograms in Disney parks is great fun, and better yet–a great book for parents, tweens, and teens to read together!

The premise behind our book club is easy: we will post discussion questions every Thursday.  You can join in by answering one or all of them in the comments section.  Then, join us every week to see how the conversation develops!  We are working on a couple other surprises, too, so stay tuned!

Also, be sure to register (for free!) to be a Kingdom Keeper Insider and help Ridley to write the final book in this series!  We’ll discuss some of those questions as well!

And so, without further ado, here are this week’s questions, covering the first four chapters of The Dark Passage.  Next week’s questions will cover chapters 5-12 (pages 58-134).

Oh, and no book club would be complete without a fun prize!  One person who responds to this week’s questions (by Wednesday April 17) will receive a WDW Radio Mystery ticket!

Discussion Questions–Please post your thoughts in the comments below, and check back often to see how the discussion progresses!

1. In chapter 1, Finn uses his secret password with King Triton.  If you could have a Disney character who was available to save you from a sticky situation, who would you want?  What would your password be?

2. In chapter 3, Greg Luowski described feeling like “a rat in a maze, looking for a way out.”  What do you think this suggests about his role with the Overtakers?  Could the Keepers ever trust him (or Finn’s mom) to help after having been influenced by the Overtakers?

3. In chapter 4, Finn thought about his role as a leader: “He knew he had to stay focused on the task at hand.  He knew to put the needs of the group first and his own desires last, no matter how frustrating and painful.”  Do you agree with his description of the role of a leader?  IS Finn the leader of the Keepers?

DO YOU have a question you want to discuss this week?  Or how about one for next week’s chapters?  I love ideas!  Email me at Christy@WDWRadio.com



5 thoughts on “WDW Radio Disney Book Club: Kingdom Keepers VI–JOIN US!!”

  1. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    1. My gut instinct is to have Ariel there to help me out but I would actually have to go with Mulan or Merida. Mulan saved the whole of China for crying out loud! And Merida is an Ace with that bow. The password for Mulan could be “The Mushu flies at midnight” and for Merida “Angus needs an apple.”

    2. He was happy to do anything in his power to show up “Whitless” but now he’s being asked to do things even he finds wrong like kidnapping and killing. I don’t think the Keepers would (or could) ever fully trust him though. As for Finn’s mom I think she could be trusted now as long as she is protected from falling under a spell again.

    3. I did an enlistment in the Navy and a good leader always puts the team ahead of themselves. True Wayne talks to Philby more now but I still see Finn as the leader. He’s always thinking about the team and how they can work together to overcome the Overtakers

  2. CriesDuringWishes says:

    1. Sorceror Mickey would be pretty powerful and seems like a good leader for the character Keepers; his code phrase might be “fearless fantasmic fellow”

    2. OTs can get anyone, proof being Finn’s mom, so it’s hard to trust anyone really. Louwoski is particularly untrustworthy because he was never a good guy to start, pre-OT. But it’s nice to know that even someone under OT power has some free will and is able to resist in this way. We just have to see if he will pay a price for this.

    3. Yes Finn is the leader! But I think each of the Keepers follows this guideline of putting the group before themselves. So maybe this is more so a description of any Keeper, working for the greater good of the Kingdom, and the leader is the one who makes big decisions, starts the action, and holds them together.

  3. erin says:

    I’m so happy to see the book club back! Thank you for taking the time to organize this and make questions every week. I look forward to answering them!

  4. AllieDisneyGirl says:

    1: I would want Peter Pan’s help! He’s my favorite character, and he’d probably be pretty useful (he can sword fight, and if we couldn’t win, he could just sprinkle some pixie dust on me and we’d fly away!). The code could be “Protect me with Pixie Dust!”

    2: Luowski has always been a bad guy, but he’s a teenage bully… he’s not a murdering Overtaker. But, he’s gotten himself trapped in this situation, and he can’t find a way out. I don’t think the Keepers would trust him, because he wasn’t ever on their side, even before he was an OTK. But I definitely think they can trust Finn’s mom… as long as her eyes aren’t green. The green eyes give it away!

    3: I think that’s a good description of a leader. In my opinion, Finn IS still the leader of the KKs. Everyone trusts him and looks to him to make the plans, for the most part (even though Philby seems to be vying for the role, and for some reason, Wayne seems to be supporting Philby more).

  5. Carla&kelsey says:

    1-Jess and Amanda tencailly there disney characters!!!!! Password: Disney Muffins

    2- his position was not temporary and we think he is tried of it and we can possible trust him.

    3- No DUH!!!!!!! Leader for life! No we are not just saying that because we are Jess and Amanda!

    =]. 😀