/ Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

by Kathy & Sean

Ladies and gentlemen!  Do you like Canadian music?  Do you like rock and roll?  Do you like Celtic rock?  Do you like fun?  Then get ready for all of this and more eh, with the music of Canada, from the Northwest Territory to Quebec and from Nova Scotia to the Yukon.  Please welcome, Off Kilter!

Off Kilter!

Caption:  Everyone’s favorite lads—Off Kilter!  (Randy Holbrook, Mark McDowell, Jamie Holton, Mark Weldon, and Scott Zymowski)

The many expressions of Randy

Caption:  Master lead guitarist Randy Holbrook.





















Caption:  Bass player and singer Mark Weldon.



Caption: A little Whiskey in the Jar with Mark McDowell and Mark Weldon.





















Caption:  Randy Holbrook and Rockin’ Billy Varnes play Freebird.

Have you enjoyed Off Kilter before?  Share your memories in the comments below.

Looking for Magic is Kathy @ Two Roads Photo[K1]  and Sean @ Shamrock Photo[K2] .  Kathy is a librarian, walker of many miles, and Paper Bag Princess, who dreams of having coffee with Belle at the castle and co-administering a fantasy book discussion group.  Sean is a fire fighter, pilot, and closet superhero, who would like to join the pack with Tigger to use his bouncy and fun powers to make people smile.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Magic Photo Blog: Everything’s ‘Off Kilter’”

  1. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Seen this band plenty of times, always a great show!!

    Great post, have a fantasmic day!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Recently they switched Randy and Jason to pants. Bring back their kilts!

  3. Kelly D aka Dizneluver says:

    I dont even know where to start with these guys!! 8(:-D

    I got to know them when I was a CM and would go see them when I was done with my shifts one summer when they were playing the stage at the American Pavilion.

    They along with MoRoccin would play there when artists for what is now EAT FOR THE BEAT series weren’t performing.

    The guys were always nice and easy to get to know esp as we were leaving the area for the night. And that alone made it a great summer full of great memories for me.

    About their playing…

    They are ALWAYS having fun, if not with each other with guests 🙂

    They will always rank as my one of my top three things to alway see when I visit EPCOT 🙂

  4. Marisa Lozano says:

    Plus, I am in love with just the Canada Pavilion itself. The beautiful rocks, the pounding waterfall, the old movie (Sorry Martin Short, I miss the old O’Canada movie), and the fact that my dad and I always make friends with the people in Canada…but I may be getting ahead of myself. Anyway, great pictures. I feel like telling you that would be getting old. I love EPCOT and especially for its music. So thanks once again for the fantastic pictures…and stop by again sometime 🙂

    -Marisa aka still sick and tired of calculus girl