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Disney Publishing knows how to put a smile on this classic Disney fan’s face.  They have recently launched a new book series, featuring classic and beloved Disney characters, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

M and D booksAs someone who grew up with the “Fab Five,” I sometimes miss seeing them amidst a sea of Phineas and Ferb, Marvel Comics, Merida and Rapunzel.  Mind you, I adore all the aforementioned Disney characters, but the purist and traditionalist in me has longed for a while to incorporate some of WALT’s Disney into my children’s lives.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse worked for a while, but once they outgrew that (sniff sniff), I was once again left wanting.

This is why I was bordering on giddy when I read that Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck would be the featured characters in a book series by Disney Publishing, and my daughters (who have inherited my Disney gene) were equally delighted to hear about the books.  A special Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine also has been published, which includes a comic-style summary of one of the first books.

Both my nearly-ten-year-old daughters loved the first two books in the series: The Pesky Pet and Much Ado About Juliet. Bright chapters books (a big selling point as children become more confident readers),  the works feature fun, colorful images of Minnie and Daisy with the overarching concept: “Before they met Mickey and Donald, Minnie and Daisy were best friends.”   A Disney Publishing press release stated that these works “are the perfect read for tween girls who embrace school, sports, fashion, and growing up.”

In the books, both Minnie and Daisy are dressed in a very “hip” style, talk on cell phones, and have bedrooms decorated with “boy band” posters; these are very modernized versions of Walt’s classic characters.  Although the reading level of each was geared to readers a bit younger than my daughters, we all enjoyed them. I think we especially liked the concept of “getting to know” Minnie and Daisy at a time in their lives before they were connected to their famous partners; it had the allure of a prequel, and led us to a number of fun conversations.

Equally entertaining was the Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine, a sleek, colorful work that both daughters eagerly read cover- to-cover. In addition to a comic-style version of Much Ado About Juliet, the magazine included two other full comic stories, puzzles, self-quizzes, craft ideas, and removable posters.  The only thing we were sad to see was that this was apparently a single edition magazine, which took the place of one issue of Disney Fairies Magazine for the month of May.

In the end, while my daughters read all the works quite quickly, they were very very excited to read about classic Disney characters.  The oldest of my twins observed, “I hope these sell a lot so Disney makes books for older kids like me, too.”  Her younger carbon copy’s feedback included this thought, “I liked seeing Minnie and Daisy without Mickey and Donald.  Girls are important all by themselves.”

As a mom, I was certainly delighted that they had fun reading and that we had animated conversations about classic Disney characters.  I, too, share their hope that this is just the beginning of a renaissance for the classic characters, in the realm of publishing.  My only other hope would be that we can also see Minnie and Daisy engaged in more kinds of activities that we want young girls to aspire to:  how about they are competing at a local math competition? I can see Minnie and Daisy in science class, working on a science fair project.  Or how about they are coordinating a charity event for people in need?  I have no issue with stories that feature them worried about fashion and boys, but I would love to see Disney promote some other equally fun messages for our young daughters.

I strongly encourage Disney fans with young children to add these books to their family libraries.  The magazine, on news stands until May 21, sells for $4.99.  The first two books are $6.99 each, and can be found wherever books and ebooks are sold.  Two new books in the series are expected in July.


Special thanks to Disney Publishing for providing WDW Radio with review copies of Minnie & Daisy magazine, as well as Minnie & Daisy: The Pesky Pet and Minnie & Daisy:Much Ado About Juliet.



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  1. Mike Poteet (@Bibliomike) says:

    Thanks for this review. I have a 5-year-old daughter who is very excited about going to Disney World this summer, but she doesn’t really know the characters beyond some of the Princesses. This sounds nice, and also like it is not indirectly demeaning of girls (like I think some of the Princess stuff is). I will pick it up and let her see!

  2. Steamboat Eddie says:

    These looks pretty cool. My niece will love them. Nice write up. Have an awesome day!!