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To tell the truthIt’s another month.  May is bringing spring flowers, the coronation of a new Disney Princess, Star Wars Weekends are beginning very soon, and it’s time for another installment of To Tell the Truth!  Get your Disney thinking caps on, because it’s your turn to guess which one of the next four stories is true. That’s right, I am deceiving you.  And your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out which one is what actually happened!  Good luck.

Imagine that you are walking right down the middle of Liberty Square (bet I caught you off guard there, didn’t I?).  As you look up at the little details Disney has sprinkled throughout property, you notice that the shutters on the window aren’t straight.  Instead, they are tilted a little bit.  Do you know why the shutters throughout Liberty Square are slanted?


Story 1

As we all know, Disney loves forced perspective.  They use this effect all over the park.  Even famous icons like Cinderella Castle aren’t as tall as they seem.  The shutters in Liberty Square aren’t any different.  The building shutters are slanted a little to make the buildings seem taller from the slant down and shorter from the slant up, thus making the building appear much taller than it actually is.  This also means that Liberty Square looks bigger from Fronteirland, where the theming fits in more than it does in Fantasyland, where Liberty Square looks farther away.

Story 2

Liberty Square was originally planned to be a bigger land.  Unfortunately, Liberty Square was the last area to be built, and the measurements for the buildings and attractions were scaled down a little bit.  The Imagineers were in a rush to finish this area for the grand opening of Disneyrfrfgrgedvseg World.  As the finishing touches were being put on the buildings – including the shutters – they realized that they didn’t order the specially – made shingles to the new size. Imagineers decided to just tilt the shutters a little so that they would appear to fit on the window…problem solved!

Story 3

Hurricane Andrew threatened to sweep all of Central and Southern Florida out to sea, including our beloved Walt Disney World.  Luckily, the park survived the storm with no significant damage. However, some of the shutters in Liberty Square were “adjusted” due to the Category 5 hurricane winds.  The Cast members of Disney were so concerned with keeping the guests safe that they didn’t even think about the little details on the buildings.  Disney was going to get the shutters repaired, but then decided not to for two reasons: it fit in with the theming and the cost of the repair was too much for their liking.  It was only a few features after all.

Story 4

Liberty Square is designed around the time of the American Revolution.  In these Colonial days, the upper hinges tended to be made of leather straps in order to save metal for more important things like guns and other military weapons.  This caused the shutters to list to the side, a quality that the Disney Imagineers mimicked even though Walt Disney World’s shutters are made of metal.  After all, it’s all about the storyline!



Okay, Disney fans, which one of these stories explains why the shutters in Liberty Square are lopsided?  Let me know which you think is correct (or if you prefer, which ones are not) below.

See ya REAL soon!

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Quote of the Week:  “I am brave.  I am strong.  I am Merida.  I am a PRINCESS!”   ~Merida, her coronation ceremony this past Saturday.


Makena is a 14 year old high school student who spends much of her free time researching Disney. She enjoys sharing Disney facts and even plans Walt Disney World vacations (including searches for secrets and Hidden Mickeys) for friends and family. Makena began blogging for WDW Radio in December 2011.





24 thoughts on “To Tell The Truth: The Crooked Shutters in Liberty Square”

  1. Greg says:

    Story 4

  2. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:


  3. Carrie says:

    Ok, without cheating with a Google search, I am going to guess that the correct story to explain the shutters is number 4. It just sounds like a perfect example of the way Disney pays attention to storyline and detail.

  4. Pam says:

    I really thought it was because of speakers in the windows that open for the parade and close after it is over. If that’s not it I am going with the leather hinges because I know Andrew didn’t do damage to MK. And I don’t think a slanting shutter would create forced perspective as much as a shutter that was smaller on top than on bottom. That leaves either the hinge or the wrong size. So i am picking the wrong size

  5. Lindsey D says:

    I’m going with story#4

  6. Marilyn says:

    It’s definitely number 4. Lou’s audio tour of Liberty Square confirms this. 🙂

  7. Chris says:

    #4….I read this previously

  8. Tricia says:


  9. Michael Campe says:

    #4, Our Rebelious forefathers needed the metal for bullets and other armorments to fight the red coats.

  10. Caitlin Corsello says:

    Definitely story #4!

  11. Becky Manion says:

    story number 4!

  12. Melissa says:

    Story 4! Another great example of Disney’s storytelling and attention to detail :)!

  13. Ian Martin says:

    Gonna have to go with 4!

  14. Marisa Lozano says:

    Story #4!

  15. Isabel Martin says:

    Story number 4 makes the most sense, as the optical illusion sounds improbable and numbers 2 and 3 make Disney Imagineers sound lazy. They most certainly are not, so… #4 is my go.

  16. Colleen Ghirardi says:

    Number 4! I love the historical details!

  17. Gary says:

    Story number 4. Remember that from Lou audio tour. Great story. I tell that story to all my family and friends

  18. yensidsailetlaw says:

    Numero cuatro

  19. disdoc says:

    Story 4!

  20. 161nt113 says:

    Great article. Good work !!!