/ Friday, May 10th, 2013

Last week, Disney Publishing had exciting news for fans of Disney Junior: the launch of the first ever digital Disney magazine!!  Designed to meet the needs and interests of an increasingly tech-savvy group of Disney juniorchildren, this new magazine will deliver  “unique and immersive ways for readers to experience unparalleled storytelling and favorite characters.”

About the project, Andrew Sugerman, executive vice president, Disney Publishing Worldwide, said, “As the use of tablet devices continues to grow, it is a natural next step for us, as the world’s largest children’s publisher, to find different ways of extending Disney’s stories to multiple digital formats. Disney Junior allows families to immerse themselves in the stories and characters they love wherever and whenever they choose.”

I am so excited by this news, even though my children claim to have have outgrown (sniff sniff) Disney Junior.  And while I am sure this e-magazine will be a high quality product (as all Disney Publishing is), my excitement stems more from the anticipation of OTHER Disney e-magazines!

And so, this week’s Wanna Be Imagineering challenge is this:  If you were Imagineering for Disney Publishing, what other concepts would you pitch for Disney-themed e-magazines?  Disney cooking?  Disney crafts?  Star Wars?  Theme Parks?  Give us your best ideas in the comments below…

Because I truly am so happy about this news, I will select one person who comments to receive a WDW Radio Mystery ticket!  Make sure you post a comment by May 16 to be eligible!

For those families interested in subscribing to Disney Junior digital magazine, they can do so on Apple’s Newsstand for $9.99 USD a year; single issues are available for $1.99 USD each. As part of a special limited-time promotion, a special 16-page sample issue is available for download now at no cost. New issues will be available on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

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3 thoughts on “Wanna be Imagineers: Let’s Publish Some Disney Magic!”

  1. Stephen.S says:

    New 5th gate park:

    Option 1 Star Wars with the Icon Being the Death Star: This is where Disney Can really capitalize on the Star wars franchise.

    Option 2 Villains Park with the icon being Mellifacients Castle or Bald Mountain. Make it easier to find the Disney Villains and have a Halloween spooky theme all year round

    Option 3 Classic/ Forgoten Attractions Park: Icon being Mickey Junk Mountain from Epic Mickey. Here is where you can find all the classic/ extinct attractions. Horizons, 20,00 leagues under the sea any thing that was in DisneyWorld but was replaced. And you run into those hard to meet characters like Robin hood and the gang.

  2. Wesley Snyder says:

    I would create an e-magazine that highlights seasonal events at Disney. For guests who come frequently, it would give them upcoming events to look forward to. For guests who only come once a year or less, it would give them the opportunity to see what the parks look like when they are not there.

    Another great e-magazine would be an insider’s look at imagineering. There would be articles about upcoming changes, improvements, renovations, and new projects, as well as a detailed history of a certain ride in every magazine (specs, details, ride maps, etc). Old attractions could be included as well, like having a DSI on the way back machine, but with diagrams, pictures, in-depth interviews with current and former imagineers, etc.

  3. CriesDuringWishes says:

    My sons will love this; I will definitely get a subscription. Since this one is geared toward the younger crowd, I would suggest something similar from the Disney Channel proper- Gravity Falls, Agent P, etc.