/ Friday, May 3rd, 2013

runDisney events are wildly popular and the offerings continue to expand.  From family 5Ks to Kids races, from 10Ks to 10 milers, from half to full marathons, there really is a wealth of offerings.  Recently, Disney even announced the addition of another race over Princess Half Marathon weekend: A 10K in addition to the half marathon race.

In their announcement, Disney said, “The Princess 10K gives runners of various levels more opportunities to run through Disney theme parks and receive a specially-designed finisher medal. And runners looking for an even bigger challenge can sign up for the 10K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday (19.3 miles total) to earn the inaugural Disney Glass Slipper Challenge Medal to go along with medals from each individual race.”

While I am not the most enthusiastic runner in the world, I have run five Disney races (and have ONLY runexpedition everest challenge Disney races)–totally because of the overall experience and emphasis on theming.  The Expedition Everest Challenge, which takes place this weekend, is a favorite of mine, as it is so well themed and well, unique–it’s not ALL about the running (which makes me VERY happy).

So this got me to thinking…  what OTHER kinds of races could Disney host?  Could they be differently-themed running races?  Could they feature other kinds of athletic feats? Could they be in other parts of the parks?

So, Wanna be Imagineers, put on your thinking caps.  If you were charged with creating a new kind of race for Disney, what would it be?  Which athletic skill(s) would it feature?  When would it be?  How would it be themed?  Post your great ideas in the comments below.

And remember–creativity is best when exercised often!  Check back with us every Friday for more wanna-be Imagineering exercises.   Have a magical weekend, my friends.




5 thoughts on “Wanna be Imagineers: Put on Your Running Shoes!”

  1. I suggest a race through the Haunted Mansion. Everybody gets in their Doom Buggy and races through the Mansion. We just keep going around and around until we hit 10K. Everybody wins! And we all get a great glute workout. If my calculations are correct, the race should end in the graveyard. We spend the rest of the day jumping out from behind the tombstones and frightening the other guests until we are escorted out of the park by security. Lou hands out the medals in the parking lot.

  2. Meghan Stell says:

    I think that runDisney should have a Star Wars themed race. It could be during the Star Wars weekends. I think that a 10 mile race would be fun and they could have entertainment and characters along the course such as storm trooper patrol, Darth Vader, the ewoks celebration scene from the end of Return of the Jedi with ewoks dancing and playing stormtrooper helmets. They could even have the cantina band playing that iconic cantina band song. I heard someone suggest this race once and their name for it was “The Kessel Run”. I think it would be a really fun addition to Star Wars weekends. The medal could have “The Force is Strong with this One” Engraved on it.

  3. Justin says:

    I’m going to keep it simple – a triathlon. I would LOVE to ride my bike through the World!

  4. Brian says:

    I had the same idea as Meghan – a Star Wars Weekend themed “Kessel Run.” It would be 18k (the length of the Kessel Run [in kilometers instead of parsecs]), but there would be a shortcut full of obstacles (similar to the Everest Challenge) that would cut the length down to 12k, since Han made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs. Awards ceremony would mimic the awards presentation at the end of Episode IV.

  5. WesTheTallGuy says:

    Disney could take some other running ideas and incorporate them into their parks/property…
    – a color run (with princess pastels, or Mickey’s classic black, red, yellow, etc).
    – a mud run, in the back woods of Disney, could have some amazing obstacles (at former River Country, other places)
    – a Zombie/Halloween run towards the end of October

    I’d also love a food challenge. A 10 K with stops where you’d have to eat a mini dolewhip, , turkey leg, popcorn, or other classic Disney foods.