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Walt Disney Family Museum Review and Event Recap, Trivia Contest and more! – May 5, 2013


Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello, and this is show #323 for the week of May 5, 2013.

For a recent WDW Radio On the Road event, we made the pilgrimage to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. We spent a weekend with friends to share the experience of visiting the Museum which celebrates the life and legacy of Walt Disney, the dreamer, the doer, but more importantly, the man and the father. This week, we’ll recap our visit and review the Museum, visually explore each of the galleries, and share hundreds of photos in this week’s show notes.

I’ll have the answer to our last Walt Disney World Trivia Question of the Week, and pose a new challenge for your chance to win a Disney prize package.

Stay tuned as I’ll some announcements and play your voicemails at the end of the show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is the Walt Disney Family Museum something you’d like to see? Would you like to visit as part of another WDW Radio On the Road group event/trip? Leave your answer in the comments section below!

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11 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #323 – Walt Disney Family Museum Review and Event Recap – May 5, 2013”

  1. Daniel Young says:

    Hey Lou, you never said in your podcast who won the trivia contest from the question last week.

  2. Jen Tremley says:

    Lou-You didn’t announce last week’s winner

  3. Jen Tremley says:

    Great show Lou! I hope one day to make the pilgrimage to the Walt Disney Family Museum! Looks like everyone had a great time…Keep up the great work…

  4. I would like to participate in your next visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

  5. Bozena Thrower says:

    Great podcast! I have been waiting for your review of your recent trip. It did not disappoint. I visited the WDFM shortly after it opened, with my husband and then 6 year old son. We spent all day. That is the only thing I disagreed with you about. My 6 year old loved it. What with the cartoons, the phones to listen to, the instruments to play, the touch panels, the miniatures (lots of kinetic displays!) he thoroughly enjoyed it. I do recommend bringing your kids. If they enjoy cartoons and hands on displays, they’ll love it too. I met your kids once (they played video games with mine at the Contemporary) and I bet they would love it!

  6. Samantha says:

    This podcast was such a blast to listen to! I’m heading out to California this summer and will be visiting the Museum – hearing about the great time you all had just makes me all the more excited (as if that even seemed possible!!) From what you’ve described, it sounds as though my family will never get me out of there.

    Keep up the wonderful podcasts 🙂 Someday I hope to join the WDW Radio family on an event such as this!

  7. Bowie says:

    In the intro of this podcast, there was a clip of music that sounds very familiar, but I can’t place it. It sounds kind of spooky, but it’s not from the Haunted Mansion. It doesn’t sound like Twilight Zone music, but I’m not too familiar with the ride as I only went on Tower of Terror once. Can anyone identify it? Thanks.

  8. Becky Manion says:

    Im hoping to make a visit this year, even before the podcast!
    But listening made me look forward to it even more.
    It sounds great

  9. Tina Cairo says:

    I so want to spend a lot of time at the Disney Family Museum.
    I love learning more about Walt Disney and the Disney Parks though your podcast.

  10. Devan Gaddie says:

    I live in Kentucky and I’m now adding the museum to my bucket list….along with Disneyland! Loved this podcast. SO personal and a great change from the regular “trip to Disney World” show.

  11. Chuck Zitta says:

    Yes, very much would like to visit the museum. And to do it with the WDW Radio group would be a nice bonus. My wife would very much so like to visit Napa Valley some day. Could make a full week out of it if that were the case. She gets her wine fix and I get my Disney fix. Sounds like an even trade to me! The museum sounds like a place I definitely have to visit, at least once, in my lifetime.

    Thanks again Lou and guests for another fantastic show!!!