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fastpassby Peyton Spear

As summer approaches, crowds become increasingly larger over the next few months.

Rides such as Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania!, Test Track, and Expedition Everest, just to name a few, seem to pull in a lot of guests on a daily basis.

With the privilege of a FASTPASS allowing you to stand in a shorter line, you must come back to the ride that day at a later time printed on your FASTPASS ticket.

While Disney is in the middle of integrating “FASTPASS+” which will allow guests to pre-plan FASTPASS times while planning their vacation, there is a way to execute the current system many guests are using.

As you arrive at the parks early in the morning, I have learned that the best thing to do before grabbing a warm pastry is to get a FASTPASS from your favorite ride before it is too late.

Recently visiting Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Mania! ran out of FASTPASS tickets an hour after the parks opening and guests who did not receive a ticket found themselves waiting in a two hour line throughout the day.

Although an early morning sprint to the FASTPASS line might not seem appealing, it is well worth the energy when you find that you only have to wait about 20 minutes for your favorite ride later in the day.

Saving time is essential as well because the shorter the lines you have to wait in, the more time you get to explore the parks which I believe goes overlooked on occasion.

What are some FASTPASS experiences you guys have encountered? How do you feel about the new “FASTPASS+” system?

Peyton is currently a student at the University of Mississippi majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in print. Growing up in Los Angeles and most recently moving to Atlanta, he has seen and experienced the best of both Disneyland and Disney World. Making his first visit to Disney World at the age of 5, he has never looked back as he entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.





2 thoughts on “Adventure Into The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy: Disney Tip #3”

  1. CriesDuringWishes says:

    Fav pro tip: run to the FP attraction at rope drop, get your FP, ride via standby, then ride AGAIN with your FP 🙂

    I’m excited for Fastpass+! But I am a commando planner…

  2. Peyton says:

    CriesDuringWishes: That is the ultimate and such a bonus when the standby line hasn’t filled up already! Especially for the avid riders.