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Editor’s Note: It is with great pride that we publish this THREE THOUSANDTH blog to the WDW Radio site.  As a way of honoring the work of the current WDW Radio blog team, I have asked each of the existing members of the team to write a review of another member’s work.  We hope that you will discover some new writers who you may not have been aware of through this post.  PLEASE join Lou and myself in thanking and congratulating the current and former members of the WDW Radio blog team for their time, dedication, and enthusiasm.  Our days are all made brighter because of their unselfish efforts.

Blake Taylor: “I was assigned Happy Keller, and the first thought to cross my mind was, ‘Hmm, Happy. I wonder if that’s his real name.’ And I can tell you that yes, yes it is! Happy is a ‘coach’ of the awesome WDW 377999_10150368656246693_567876692_8531293_856713292_nRadio Running Team, and writes blog posts filled with great tips and encouragement about Disney races. They’re perfect whether you’re a running pro or are brand new to racing. A must-read post by Happy is definitely ‘Top 10 Scary Things About Distance Running… and How to Overcome Them!’ I know it’s the first place I’ll head if I ever decide to do a race, Disney or otherwise.

It is clear in his posts that Happy is, well, happy to help others have a memorable and successful running experience. He’s glad to answer any questions about running or joining the WDW Radio Running Team (…do it!) at wdwradiorun@gmail.com. “

Don Myers: “Alyssa Wiseman has been a member of the WDW Radio Blog Team since March 2013. In that time, her shopDisney articles have become a perennial favorite on the blog. Her informative pieces keep us shopDisney Profile Pictureup-to-date on all the latest products available in the parks, online, and at your local Disney Store. Whether it’s holidays or pets or even our backyard gardens, Alyssa has covered it all in a very informative and professional manner. In her time here as a member of the WDW Radio Blog Team, Alyssa has contributed her insightful knowledge to a number of topics, but I believe her best article was her breaking news piece on Vera Bradley products from March 6th 2013. I picked this piece because it was published before she was even properly introduced as a member of the WDW Radio Blog Team. It was an impromptu piece brilliantly put together two weeks before her official introduction to the team. This article is a fine example of the hard work and dedication found in each and every piece that is published on the WDW Radio Blog. In the weeks and months since her initial post, Alyssa has continued to shape her shopDisney blog into a bi-weekly post that is anxiously awaited by many. Her trusted knowledge has been a most welcome addition, and her passion and love for Disney is evident in every installment.”

Angie Carriero: “All of us diehard Disney fans are constantly looking for our next Disney fix. Well, Kathy Wicks’s photoblog on WDWRadio entitled ‘Looking for Magic,’ is sure to satisfy that craving! Her blog (which she has teamed up with fellow blogger Sean to make) is fairly new, so you wont see many pictures in the WDWRadio archives, but if you visit Kathy’s Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mytworoads/) you will see why her photographs so adequately engage my emotions for WDW. The way in which she digitally captures key moments of our favorite Disney spots and characters is almost dreamlike in their vibrant colors and intimate angles. The viewer will almost certainly get that ‘I feel like I was there’ feeling when experiencing her photos of WDW – if you don’t believe me, look at of my favorites of her photos, the Christmas Lights on Streets of America. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mytworoads/6698087607/in/set-72157628872559609 ) Seriously, you’ve got to check it out! Kathy is a true Disney fan – how do I know? Well, you can just see the love in her photos! And be sure to watch for her continuing posts here on the site.”

Kendall Foreman: “When Richard Bernato originally began writing his blog, he focused on Disney Imagineers, reviewed books, and created quizzes.  However, his current series ‘Farkle v. Farkle’ features the comedic, yet thoughtful, trial of Fred Farkle as his family charges him with over-planning their Walt Disney World vacations.  Richard’s knack for creating captivating, believable mental images is sure to appeal to his readers’ imaginations.  His clear, expressive and humorous writing style makes the court room real, and produces the sensation that one is actually in the gallery witnessing the proceedings involving truly relatable characters.  Readers are likely to discover glimpses of themselves in Fred, Fanny, Francine and or Fabio, and want to follow the “trial” just as one would an episodic TV show.  While each one is quite interesting, there is one to which I especially related:  ‘Farkle v. Farkle:  Would the Use of an App Have Saved this Family’.  In it, attorney for the plaintiff—Fred’s family—Ms. Philomena Francis, calls to the stand Fabio Farkle, Fred’s son, who is a precocious, seven-year-old prodigy.  Fabio testifies to the fact that he provided his father with numerous suggestions that he did not utilize—including the use of logarithms and probabilities.  He felt that his father had inefficiently planned, and; therefore, diminished their overall Walt Disney World experience.  As a self-professed compulsive organizer, researcher and stat geek, I immediately connected with Fabio’s testimony.  I wanted to stand up and cheer for his use of calculations and statistics.  I even found myself thinking how great it would be to have a child just like him one day.  In spite of my enthusiasm, as I read on, I was reminded that Ms. Francis is the lawyer for the plaintiff, and she was actually using Fabio to make the point that Fred’s need to plan perhaps was more of a negative than a positive because it had unleashed a planning monster in young Fabio.  That realization prompted me to consider that my need to plan might just lean a bit towards crazy, too.  My recognition of that is why I am encouraging WDWRadio readers to read all of Richard’s ‘Farkle v. Farkle’ series.  Over-planners as well as those who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants will benefit from Richard’s humorous, yet thought-provoking posts, and hopefully consider moving away from the extremes and more to the center for the sake of the overall enjoyment of their WDW co-travelers.”


Alyssa Wiseman: “I was fortunate enough to review the blogs of Lindsay Diamond.  Honestly, I was completely surprised to find out that she was still a teenager! Lindsay writes from the perspective of a tour guide who focuses on locating attractions, shows, or areas that all have a common theme or could be looked at for a certain theme.  It is quite a unique perspective that she writes from and takes quite a bit of thinking outside the box to write.

My favorite blog that she wrote was when she focused on locating educational attractions around the 4 parks.  http://www.wdwradio.com/2012/09/what-an-interesting-disney-vacation-make-it-educational/#.UauGBWQ9BBo is the link that will take you to that blog, just in case you haven’t had the opportunity to read this unique post.  It was not the attractions listed that I was interested in, but the different subjects that she was able to tie that attraction into.  I think that by reading this blog, people will not only give a different view of touring in the parks, but it will also allow you to begin to think of other ways to view attractions and what they are/or could be teaching us.  Great job, Lindsay!”

Lindsay Diamond: “Angie Carreiro is best known on the WDW Radio blog for her ongoing series of ‘Fish are Friends, Not Food.’ These posts are about finding vegan food at the Walt Disney World Resort. What I P9131798love about her writing style is that she doesn’t use food junkie jargon to explain what she loves to eat. Her tone is down to earth, and even though I am not a vegan, I can easily understand how to eat like one at WDW after reading her posts.

My favorite post of Angie’s is ‘Fish are Friends, Not Food: Why Disney Princesses MIGHT Be Vegan.’ This idea and article are so creative. I love the Disney princesses, and I always wonder how characters live and act outside of the confines of their movie.

I recommend Angie’s articles to anyone thinking about dining at Walt Disney World, regardless of their dietary restrictions or preferences.  She preaches the truth about Disney food! So many people I know who don’t travel to WDW often complain about the food, saying that they only ate burgers and fries the whole trip, not knowing that there are plenty of counter and table service options with high quality, unique, and even healthy food. However, I don’t recommend reading her posts on an empty stomach, or you’ll be craving some of the many delicious items she features.”

Kathy Wicks: “When I was given my assignment to review Caitlin Corsello’s blog, Disney From a Twenty-Something, I chuckled.  I will turn 60 on my next birthday!  For me being twenty-something is but a vague  IMG_2358memory, which I think included a trip or two to Walt Disney World.  But as we all know, the love of all things Disney has no age boundaries, and Caitlin gives it all she’s got!

From her first blog post, which conveys how she came to be a self-proclaimed Disney “geek,” Caitlin shares her Disney experiences from the viewpoint of a twenty-something fan, which she does with great enthusiasm!  From attractions to hidden Mickeys, travel tips to holidays, and special events and books, Caitlin’s fresh perspective is peppered with charm.  My favorite blog post?  Disney Resolutions, which lists Caitlin’s theme park goals.  And don’t worry Caitlin—that picture of Tinkerbelle in flight eludes even the most seasoned photographers!

In her introduction to Disney From a Twenty-Something, the WDW Radio Blog editor invites the reader to, ‘experience the magic of your childhood all over again.’  I know I did!  Will you?”

Makena Wolcott: “Don Myers is a marvelous writer who is in charge of the WDW Radio Newswire, which provides the latest Disney World news.  Don is very to the point when writing, put also paraphrases and injects his own personality between the lines.  You are not reading a stereotypical bland article but instead a piece of writing about future upcoming events in a way that makes it entertaining to read while still being very informative.  He also includes a poll, which gives you a chance to speak up and insert your opinion.

My favorite blog of Don’s is ‘WDW Radio Newswire:  New Feature Introduced At Pirates Of The Caribbean And Magic Kingdom Restaurants Poll Question’ because he goes into so much detail with all of the events and history leading up to the changes.  That being said, I also think everyone should read his newest post (his 49th here on WDW Radio!) ‘WDW Radio Newswire:  Festival of Fantasy Parade Coming To Magic Kingdom In 2014′ because it has the most  updated news about Walt Disney World, including the new parade coming to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate New Fantasyland in 2014.  After reading it, you might find that you’re not as up-to-date on Disney news as you thought!

Every single Disney fan should read Don’s blog because there is nothing like it anywhere else.  He gives very specific details to future things coming or going in Walt Disney World and phrases the news in an appealing way.  I look forward to his posts every two weeks and I have never missed a blog…you shouldn’t either.”

Caitlin Corsello: “When I first found out about the 3000th collaborative post, I was so excited to find out that I would get to talk about Kendall Foreman as I love reading her posts myself! Kendall won me over in the first paragraph of her very first post where she shared a memory of bringing in her pink Minnie ears toKendall Photo show and tell as a child. Kendall focuses on writing about “More to the World for a Disney Skeptic” where she centers each post on a particular interest and shares the many ways in which to experience it throughout WDW. She proves that Disney World is not just a crowded, hot place full of rides focused only on children. There is truly something for every person to experience no matter what their interests or preferences. So far she has featured experiences for interests ranging from sports and recreation to seeking the comforts of home to the great outdoors. What makes Kendall’s approach so unique is that she features a plethora of opportunities to experience each interest including things free with admission, places to stay, dining options to sample, and experiences with additional costs. This approach allows for every person to be able to experience their interest in WDW in a unique way.

My personal favorite post that Kendall has written focuses on “More to the World for a Culture Lover” (although her post on cookies is fantastic too!). Here is the link so you can check it out too: . In this post, Kendall displays how a vacation in WDW can actually feel like a trip around the world where you are able to experience numerous cultures, cuisines, and beautiful architecture. From the village of Serka Zong transporting you to the shadows of the Himalayas, to the African art and savannah views at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, to the endless dining and shopping options and gorgeous architecture of World Showcase, Kendall shows that visiting WDW isn’t simply a trip to Central Florida- it’s a trip around the world! Where else can you experience all of those wonderful cultures in one location!? I truly believe that everyone should read Kendall’s posts as she covers interests in a way that there is going to be something in each post for any person reading. Plus, she really does prove that Disney is for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Go read some of her stuff now!

Richard Bernato: “I cannot help myself. I am a college professor and also taught K-12 for more years than you are alive. Read more essays, stories, and poems than Tinkerbell can shake her wand at … ever. And like a major league baseball scout once in a while I come across the next potential superstar, this time not in athletics. This time in the writing-world.

It’s one thing to make a noun agree with a verb, or to find a really descriptive adjective. It’s another to take all those sentences one crafts and see how they knit together to involve a reader, entertain a reader, inform a reader, and influence one too.

Blake does all that. And it certainly doesn’t surprise me that he is a Creative Writing and Media major in his college. Many students wander from major to major but my message to you is to stay right where you are because you are the real deal.

Then Blake throws in our mutual favorite topics, Walt Disney and Walt Disney World, and casts them into a series of entertaining, informative, and interesting topics in a variety of formats and genres. What comes out the other side is some truly quality writing.

What I also like is Blake’s complexity of thought. It’s clear that when he considers his piece of granite that he is going to write-sculpt, he sees all kinds of facets, all kinds of detail, uses all kinds of creativity. The sum is very impressive.

It’s difficult to choose among Blake’s many entries but I would recommend that you all read Dreamfinder’s Letter to Orange Bird! It’s a multimedia tour de force that reflects Blake’s abilities to the Dis-degree.

Any of you can appreciate Blake’s efforts for his depth of thought, WDW knowledge, and ability to relate it to any WDW enthusiast on many levels.”

Happy Keller: “It is really so easy to forget that Makena Wolcott is 14 years old.  She has such a flair forMakenaWithPaintBrush witty and insightful writing, that you feel you are talking to a long-time friend.  She has been writing for WDW Radio for over a year and a half now, and her creativity seems to know no bounds.  She is a bright, enthusiastic, and clearly hard-working young person who will, I am sure, someday be running the Disney Company!

While it is so difficult to pick just one piece of Makena’s to highlight, I have LOVED her series: Meet the Box People.  This series introduces people to those WDW Radio fans who meet every Wednesday for Lou’s newscasts.  She helps us to know each other better.

Makena is an example to other young adults.  If you have young Disney fans in your home, they should read her work.  If you don’t, YOU should read her work anyway!”


Editor’s Note: The three newest members of the team are a tremendous addition to our writing family.  For their part of post 3000, they have written a brief note about why they wanted to join the WDW Radio blogging team.

Peyton Spear: “Growing up, I have always been so inspired by Disney.

I made a goal and promise to myself at a young age that one day, I would do something Disney related whether it be writing, working at the parks, or assisting others to experience Disney the way should be intended.

I enjoyed writing stories throughout my life in school and developed a passion for journalism while in college. Trying to find ways how Disney and writing could go hand and hand, I discovered WDW Radio.

Tuning into my first live show a few weeks back, I was amazed to learn that many others shared the same passion I did for Disney. Something beyond just visiting the parks a few times a year.

Discovering the blogs, I saw there were writers who got to display their passion for Disney. Remembering the promise I had made to myself as a kid, I knew I had to get involved.

What better way to express my writing than through Disney related topics.

I plan to bring various tips throughout the parks on how to give you and your family/friends a better trip to the Disney parks that I wish I had known making my visits over the years.

WDW Radio gives me an awesome opportunity that I have been trying to reach for a while and can now look forward to as I write each week.

Dreams do come true.

Richie McNanna: “I write for WDW Radio because after listening to Lou’s podcasts for years now and reading the website’s blog posts for almost as long,  this community of Disney lovers is a daily part of my life.   I began listening to Lou every time I ran a training session for my first half marathon and gradually increased my level of consumption and interest until two years ago when I finally gathered the courage to call into the show. (When I heard my voice for the first time during the voicemail portion of an episode, I nearly flipped my lid.)

I won’t bore you with how much I love the show and how much I admire Lou;  I’m sure if you’re taking the time to read this,  you have similar feelings, as well.   What I will say is that whether it’s my commute to work,  a long distance run,  a boring wait at the doctor’s office, or simply an innocuous moment where I need a Disney fix, Lou and this entire community of beautiful people are never far from my Donald Duck-loving heart;  I’m just glad I get to be an active part of it.”

Kristin Casagrand: “I already touched a little bit about this in my introductory post, but for those of you who didn’t get a chance to read that, here it goes. I am a new PT (physical therapy) student and I am writing for WDW radio as a chance to retain my sanity in the chaos of professional school. I am using blog writing as an escape from hours upon hours of anatomy and physiology. Disney is something I love and blogging will provide me with an opportunity to work on something I enjoy for a brief period of time every week. I also just want to give back a little writing about Disney because I feel it has given me so much and has been a big part of my life.”


The team and I THANK YOU for sharing our first 3000 posts and look forward to writing for you more.  Please join me in congratulating them by leaving a comment below!



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