/ Thursday, June 20th, 2013

photo4It’s really hard to miss the marketing for the release of Monsters University tomorrow.  I have seen promotions on everything from slice and bake cookies to mac and cheese, from t-shirts to glow in the dark Crocs.  The old-fashioned girl in me, though, was really excited to see a great stuffed animal opportunity, complete with an experience my children would enjoy.

Build A Bear Workshop, which as the name implies, is the place where you can make your own stuffed animal, now features a chance for you to make your own James P. Sullivan.  First available last Friday, the manager at our local Build a Bear reported that they have been “wildly popular;” in fact, during our half hour in the store making our own Sulley, two other families were doing the same.photo7

My daughter had a wonderful time building one (which we are donating to the New Jersey WDW Radio Charity Auction), and even though she has built other bears, she was very excited about building a Disney character (she is my daughter, after all). We enjoyed the additional clothing options to complete Sulley’s transformation to that of a university student.

photo1Of course, no Sulley would be complete without his partner in scaring, Mike!  We snagged the last Mike in the store (“they were sooo popular,” reported the manager.)

So, after seeing Monsters University this weekend, eat some mac and cheese, throw on your neon green Crocs, and get yourself to Build a Bear.  You’ll shriek with delight!





1 thought on “Make Your OWN Monster to Celebrate Monsters University”

  1. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Those stuffed Sulley and Mike Build A Bears look awesome. I’m pretty excited for Monster’s University.

    Have a great day!