/ Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Editor’s Note: Please welcome to the blog our newest writer: RUBY!  Ruby is a young Disney fan with huge knowledge of and enthusiasm for DISNEY!  Today she will be introducing herself, and tomorrow, you will find her account of the NJ WDW Radio meet, from a younger fan’s perspective.  Welcome, Ruby!


by Ruby


Ruby and Makena at the WDW Radio NJ Meet

Hello! My name is Ruby and I’m a new blogger for WDW Radio. I’m eleven years old and I love to sing and write. I am a very big Disney fan (Thanks to my mom). My first trip to WDW was when I was a year and a half old and I can remember many parts of that trip vividly. I am very excited to start writing from my point of view about all the things I love about Disney.

I know parents want to know what their kids will like and dislike about Disney, and hopefully I can help with that. And I want kids to understand more things about Disney too. Like the fact that I have an allergy to peanuts and I know when I go to Walt Disney World that I’m safe and that there are a lot of awesome restaurants for kids with all different types of allergies.

I write a lot and have many things to talk about so I hope other kids share their opinions with me in the comment box. You’ll definitely see me again soon!

Love, Ruby xo



6 thoughts on “Disney Girl: The Next Generation Mouseketeer”

  1. Jennifer H (Box name: jennif6915) says:

    Welcome to the blog, Ruby.
    I look forward to reading your articles

  2. Yaelle says:

    Hi Ruby. It was nice meeting you last weekend. I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Makena says:

    Hey, I know that girl in the photo 😉 . I am so excited to read your post tomorrow! It will be interesting to see how your point of view differs from mine! 🙂

  4. Alyssa says:

    Hey cousin its me Alyssa, remember I am from Az. I am so excited that you get to be a writer for WDW. I look forward to reading your articles.

  5. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Hello Ruby, looking forward to your posts on the blog.

    Have an awesome day!

  6. Shanny says:

    What’s your favorite attraction?