/ Friday, June 28th, 2013

by Lindsay Diamond

This June, we have been treated to Pixar’s latest film, Monster’s University. I am so excited for the timing of this movie because it just so happens that I am going off to a university this year, too! To celebrate this, I themed this interest-based post for Pixar fans! Here’s what you won’t want to miss:

Magic Kingdom:

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor- I’ve gone on this attraction again and again, and it still makes me laugh every laugh floortime.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin- Help Buzz defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, and stir up some competition between friends and family by fighting for the most points. You might also be able to meet Buzz before or after next to the attraction.

Meet Merida at Fairytale Garden- Although the wait for this is always long, it is much more interactive than typical meet and greets. The decorations and Merida’s bright hair really make you feel like you’re in the movie.

Meet Jessie & Woody at Splash Mountain- Check out these Toy Story characters and maybe even share a square dance with them!


remyThe Seas with Nemo & Friends- This pavilion may not encompass the original EPCOT Center imagery, but I do love this attraction. The technology in the ride is really neat, and all of the lovable characters from the movie are there.

Les Chefs de France- Dining in France makes you understand why Remy loved food so much. You might even have a chance of meeting him there!


Disney’s Hollywood Studios:Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania- This attraction is the most popular in all of Walt Disney World. It is fun, competitive, and technologically advanced. Characters from all three Toy Story films are featured!

Meet Buzz Lightyear & Woody at Pixar Place- Before or after you go on Toy Story Midway Mania, you can go over to the building across the street and meet these unlikely best friends. Keep your eyes on the streetmosphere in Pixar Place. You might also find the Green Army Men!

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show- This was updated to feature Lightning McQueen!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

nemoIt’s Tough to Be a Bug– This 3D show is found under the roots of the Tree of Life, and has some great special effects.

Finding Nemo: The Musical– Join Dory and Marlin as they find Nemo in one of Walt Disney World’s best musical productions on property. It features original songs performed live, and the cast is incredibly talented.

Wilderness Explorers– This new experience involves 30 challenges that can earn you badges.

Character Meet and Greets– You may find characters from A Bug’s Life and Up around the park. Check the Times Guide when you get there for more information.



All Star Movies- One of the five films featured here is Toy Story. Here you will be immersed in larger-than-life icons from the film.

Art of Animation- Out of the four themed areas of the resort, two are Pixar films. The Finding Nemo family suites are closest to the main building and surround a massive pool. The Cars family suites have the most detailed theming and transport you right into the film.


If you are a huge Pixar fan, one of my biggest pieces of advice is to save up for a trip to Disney California Adventure. Experiencing Carsland is worth the price of admission. Before I went, I was not a huge Cars fan, but seeing this turned me into one.

What’s your favorite Pixar film or Pixar themed attraction? I would love to know, so comment below with your response! See you at the movies!

Lindsay is a passionate writer and hopes to one day become a Show Writer for Walt Disney Imagineering or write scripts for Disney Animation Studios / Pixar.  In addition to being a WDW Radio Running Team member, she has launched with her best friends Enchanted Rose Entertainment, which provides authentic character entertainment in her community for birthday parties, public events, and charity organizations.



5 thoughts on “Interest-based Disney Vacations: WDW for PIXAR Fans”

  1. John and Karl says:

    Great post. We were also excited to see Monster’s University since we loved the first one. Unfortunately, what a HUGE disappointment – reminded us of Cars 2 (another disappointment). From the lackluster response from the audience, I don’t think we were alone in finding the movie boring with only a few moments to chuckle here and there. We couldn’t wait for this movie (that dragged on and on) to finally be over. Too bad!

  2. CriesDuringWishes says:

    Tough choice, because Midway Mania is so epic, but my fav is Finding Nemo the Musical!

  3. Steamboat Eddie says:

    My favorite Pixar film has to be WALL-E with Monsters Inc coming in a close second. My family and myself went to see Monsters University and absolutely loved it. I went right home and watched Monsters Inc lol. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is definitely my favorite Pixar themed attraction, hilarious every time!

    Later on.

  4. Richie says:

    I remember riding Buzz Lightyear when it first opened and being struck dumb by how cool it was…had the same feeling times a thousand when riding Midway Mania years later.
    Cool post 🙂

  5. Brodie says:

    its tough to be a bug but I scream though when the bees sting me