Top 5 Things You Need to Do (and Get!) During Star Wars Weekends 2013 in Walt Disney World

Join Lou Mongello as he visits Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World for Star Wars Weekends 2013. He’ll share his Top 5 Thing You Need to Do During Star Wars Weekends, as well as the Top 5 Things You Have to Get while you’re there!

From classic Star Wars characters and celebrities, to out-of-this-universe entertainment, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and your favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions, Star Wars Weekends in Walt Disney World is a must see experience! To learn more, visit the official Star Wars Weekends page at

What is your favorite part of Star Wars Weekends?

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– Lou Mongello




48 thoughts on “Video: Top 5 Things You Need to Do During Star Wars Weekends 2013 in Walt Disney World”

  1. buffy0214 says:


  2. dobie520 says:

    Chewy…..always and forever

  3. dansaunders1 says:


  4. thebigfatpanda says:

    Taller than a Jawa LOL

  5. CarolinaMouse says:

    Obi-Wan Kenobi! btw loved the ending 😛

  6. Disney Wonk says:

    Great top 5

  7. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    Yoda, my favorite character is

  8. MG says:

    Enjoyed this. Thanks! Fav. character – Obi-Wan Kenobi!

  9. Brian says:

    One thing I’d add to getting there early, be sure to see the rope drop ceremony with the Stormtroopers when the park opens.

  10. Lou Mongello says:

    Top 5 Things To Do During Star Wars Weekends

  11. Madison Minesinger says:


  12. Ed Eybs says:


  13. Andrew Fontanez says:

    My days of excitement down the drain i wanted to come like everyone but now can’t come June 9 was the day I was looking forward I wanted to Billy Dee Williams soo bad 🙁

  14. MariahDisneySparkles says:

    I love your Top 5 videos! I’ve only seen this one and the snacks at Hollywood Studios one. Is there more? I’d love to check them out!
    And my fave Star Wars character is undoubtedly C-3PO 🙂

  15. Hyperspacehoopla John says:

    Hmm i would say it’s Aura zing, she is very freaky with her hands

  16. Cameron Perry says:

    yay! 501st legion!

  17. gunky95 says:

    My heart belongs to Jedi Mickey, even though I have yet to attend a Star Wars Weekend!! Someday!!!

  18. StarWarsFan1003 says:

    my favorite Star Wars character is Obi-wan kenobi. My favorite SWW character is Chip and Dale as Ewoks.

  19. returntograssroots says:

    Haha, I don’t know whether to feel super awkward or proud of the fact that I’m standing behind you in line at Star Tours. It was great meeting you during SWW!

  20. Just Monster High Ghouls says:

    mine is padame Amidala

  21. Kelsey Ramsey says:

    Mine is Padmae Amidala. LOVE HER

  22. surfergirlkels says:

    padmae amidala

  23. Tiffany Berry says:

    Aslka Is Mine!

  24. Andrew Fontanez says:

    My fav is Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing

  25. zooblorg says:

    darth vader and boba fett dancing

  26. zooblorg says:


  27. Fritte Skywalker says:

    Captain Rex

  28. Chloe Eldridge says:

    Boba fett

  29. TDItaly98 says:

    Ahsoka 🙂

  30. Jack Wilson says:

    Han Solo

  31. dimples46usa says:


  32. Aubrey Dancer says:

    Wedge Antilles!

  33. Nicole Harris says:

    Darth Vader!

  34. Holly Sutherland says:

    Princess Leia

  35. Brady Rowe says:

    Kit fisto

  36. dvddmc says:

    Sadly there is no more hoopla 2013 was the last year for it

  37. Lynn Rodo says:

    Ahsoka Tano!

  38. Lynn Rodo says:

    And Plo Koon

  39. Alyssa Honey says:

    Ahsoka tano!!!

  40. Tre Bullock says:

    any ewok

  41. tpickup11 says:

    R2-D2, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, C-3PO, Commander Cody as my top favorite
    from Star Wars Weekends!!!

  42. william True says:

    Dark Helmet

  43. Trevoy Bates says:

    My fav is Wedge Antilles

  44. Emma Gray says:

    Storm Troopers!

  45. Cordell Bunton says:

    Ashoka Tano,Hands Down

  46. James Church says:


    sorry if i spelled it wrong im 7

    P.S i also like anikan

  47. Dove Jones says:

    Ahsoka Tano!

  48. Diane Aymer says:

    Ahsoka Tano because she is a female warrior.