/ Friday, June 21st, 2013

July 4 castleThis Limited Time Magic theme has been such fun–the Imagineers have had their creative thinking hats on in overdrive this year!  With all this work, they must be VERY busy, so we decided we should offer some armchair opinions about what would make for some magical, limited experiences.

Last month, we brainstormed some fun ways to acknowledge June celebrations–from Father’s Day to Donald Duck’s birthday.  We had so much fun, we thought we would continue the process!

The month of July is approaching, and with it, a number of occasions on the calendar that could be sprinkled with a little “pixie dust.”  Disney already has announced some Limited Time Magic planned for the July Fourth holiday, so let’s look at some other events in the month of July.  Imagine you were working at WDI and were charged with creating ONE limited time magic promotion for the month of July to honor one of the occasions listed below.  Which would you pick?  How would YOU celebrate that occasion in the parks?  Describe YOUR perfect limited time magic experience for July in the comments below. 







13 thoughts on “Wanna-be Imagineers: Let’s Design Some Limited Time Magic for July!”

  1. Kevin W says:

    What could be more fitting than a salute to barbershop music on Main Street USA? I’d bring in some of the top barbershop groups in the country to serenade visitors to the Magic Kingdom. We could have a lot of fun incorporating the Dapper Dans into the mix, and maybe ask the groups to prepare a special medley of Disney favorites into a show near the castle.

  2. Wesley Snyder says:

    Here’s my plan to honor National Hotdog Month…

    Stands should be set up in different locations around the Kingdom that all serve hotdogs. Each one would have a different style of hotdogs. In Frontierland, hotdogs with chili and cheese, Liberty Square could have them with onions and peppers, Adventureland would have island spices or exotic cheeses… Along Mainstreet, a Chicago style dog, New York style, etc. Fantasyland could have different types of hotdogs (all beef, kosher, lamb, others). And, of course, each land would have a side that went with it: French fries, coleslaw, chips, fruit, or others. As guests walk around the world, they could buy an hotdog in each land they visit, and the cast member serving them would be able to cut it into 2-4 pieces so a whole family could try it together.

  3. Janice Baxter (ChickapinChick) says:

    For Canada Day….

    Food carts featuring classic Canadian food and beverages(e.g. poutine, Canadian beers, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches)scattered around all of the parks.

    Addition of a prelude to Illuminations featuring projection on to water screens of scenes from Canada, ending with the national anthem for the week leading up to and including Canada Day.

  4. Fran C. says:

    My LTM promotion would be for Option 2: National Fried Chicken Day (July 6). Disney’s chicken tenders are inasnely popular, but for this LTM, I would offer special deals on fried chicken and chicken meals in other venues such as:

    ~30% off Advance Dining Reservations for week of July 6th at select Dining Options featuring favorite chicken dishes: Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, 50’s Prime Time Cafe, Kona Cafe, ‘Ohana

    ~Free Territory Lounge Chicken Wings with any purchase at The Territory Lounge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

    ~Buy one Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich, get one free at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom

    ~Buy one Buttermilk Fried Chicken/Mom’s Night Out Fried Chicken, get one free at “Everything Pop” Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

    ~A Special Durban Chicken Dinner with South African Wine Pairing at Boma/Jiko/Sanaa

  5. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    On Babershop Music Appreciation day you could have Mickey Donald Goofy and Pluto dress up like the Dapper Dans and release a CD of the Dapper Dans singing on that day. I know I’d love to have a Dapper Dans CD

  6. Paul S says:

    Thinking outside the box, how can we forget something important to FL that happened in July?! The anniversary of the moon landing! We could have Astronaut Mickey, Minney, and Goofy hanging out in Tomorrow Land. Maybe a special Buzz Lightyear with a more realistic hands and face (the current one freaked out my boys). Professor Vondrake (ala Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) would be experimenting with sending Donald Duck to Mars!

  7. Steamboat Eddie says:

    I’ll go with National Fried Chicken Day. The celebration would take place at all 4 parks. Each park would have multiple fried chicken carts set up throughout. There would be a variety of flavored breadings and toppings/dips. Fried chicken is so good I could easy see this celebrated on one day out of the year in the parks.

    Have a great day!

  8. Kathy Kelly says:

    Great idea, Paul!

  9. Mike S (Oswald71) says:

    Magic Kingdom ~ Bring out the Christmas Parade for a Christmas in July celebration. Use the snow effect that is used at the Christmas Party, hot chocolate and some other special treats. Hollywood Studios ~ Create the Phineas and Ferb Swinter Wonderland.

  10. Christy Viszoki says:

    Mike!! What a great idea!! Imagine if they did a “one night only” Christmas in July party on July 25? HOW MUCH FUN would that be??? Sigh……

  11. Christy Viszoki says:

    Fran–I like your idea of offering some discounts and special promotions related to LTM. Disney doesn’t necessarily have to DO anything extra, but offering a discount can really motivate the guests!! Are they still doing that picnic at Animal Kingdom? That would be a fun item to discount, too!

  12. Wes Snyder says:

    One more from me, but it doesn’t follow the guidelines…

    At the end of a particular song, a special guest (chosen earlier in the day) can choose whether a blue, purple, red, or sparkly white firework will go off. Then, hours later, they can be with family and friends and say “at the end of this song, there’s going to be a really big red firework that I got to pick!!!”

    Similarly, for a high price, let people buy extra fireworks to share at the end. Not sure how this would work with music, but lets say someone on their honeymoon wanted to buy 5,000 of extra fireworks to make the last show of the night extra special for themselves (and everyone else in the park).

    Logistical (and possibly safety) nightmares, but I would love it.

  13. Yaelle says:

    I would choose Hot Dog Day that would be expanded to a week. We have a really fun Hot Dog place in my village which has all these crazy toppings, Mac n Cheese and bacon, Fried egg with hot sauce, seaweed salad. It would be fun if more people got to experience all these creative toppings that we have,