/ Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

by Daniel Vickers

I have seen “Wishes” about 8 times now since I have become a local. The presentation always manages towishes bring a tear to my eye. I have been pondering the reason for my emotional response with this show; but, it didn’t truly dawn on me until watching the livecast from New Jersey when one of our fellow box people asked Lou about moving to Florida, and he called his move a “Calculated Leap of Faith.”

Over and over, I hear from people who just don’t know how they can take that leap of faith…it’s too far out of reach for some reason. I also hear from people who say their family isn’t at all supportive of the idea of them moving here. I won’t put a spoonful of sugar to this subject…moving here has been the most challenging and scary thing that we as a family have been through, and it continues to be a challenge each and every day. I could most definitely paint a negative picture of our time in Florida if I were to dwell on everything that has not gone according to plan.

This brings me back to Wishes, and what it means to me…you see, I “am” a dreamer…and I am living my dream. “Dare to do what dreamers do.” Well, I ask you this question…what is it exactly that dreamers do that makes them so different from everyone else? Jiminy tells us on making a wish that “All it takes is a little courage to set it free.” It definitely takes courage to set your dreams in motion. Have the courage to take that leap of faith, whether that might be a life-changing event such as moving to Florida, pursuing the career of your dreams, or overcoming some other adversity to become the best version of yourself.

If Walt were alive, I would ask him this same question. We all know that his path was wrought with hardship, and at every turn someone expressed their disbelief in his dreams…and yet, he accomplished so much and left a legacy behind to be that bright shining star for generations to come.

So, I ask this question…what is it that makes dreamers different?

Remember, you are a firework. Ignite the light!


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5 thoughts on “Never Grow Up: Make A Wish”

  1. Jim O (Disney05) says:

    One quote I like is, The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination. – Albert Einstein
    Turning your dreams into reality is the hardest thing to do. But dreams are something nobody can take away from you. I will continue to always be a dreamer.

  2. Dan V. says:

    Thanks Jim, great quote!

  3. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Daniel I thoroughly enjoy this series you are doing, it hits close to home. My family would love to relocate and reading your posts on the subject are helpful. To answer your question, I think dreamers are different because they think without limits.

    Have a rockin day man!!

  4. Tricia Noble says:

    Thank you for a well timed blog. I am in the process of taking a leap of faith at work and was doubting it today. This helped me remember I can do anything I put my mind too.

  5. Dan V. says:

    My apologies in the late response – Tricia, continue to make those leaps. Many times, especially in our careers those calculated risks offer up some pretty amazing things if we can just hang in there!

    Eddie – Thank you as always. Thinking without limits, such an awesome way to look at it. Thinking that way would make most anything possible, wouldn’t it? 🙂