/ Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

by Daniel Vickers

As my wife and myself come to terms with the fact that we now live so close to Walt Disney World, we have, shall I say, “taken advantage” of the privilege. We have been to the Magic Kingdom at least 10 times in the last two months, and while it’s always magical to me, my children are getting bored with visiting so often. It is sometimes hard for me to remember that my children haven’t had the love for Disney that I have, and so it is important for them to create their own memories of the magic.

When we go to the Parks, I have a habit of choosing what we will do in that visit. I can see that my children don’t care as much about Main Street as I do; instead, they would 073rather be riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. In a stroke of pure genius, my wife had the idea to allow the kids to plan our next visit. Mom and Dad could have no input in where we went in the Magic Kingdom – it would be up to the kids completely. When we revealed our “idea” to the kids, they were quite skeptical as they knew Dad always “led” our visits. When Mom and Dad stepped aside, something magical happened – our kids stepped up and totally planned out the visit. They totally mapped out our afternoon, complete with a schedule down to the minute. Most important of all, they now tell us that this was the most memorable visit ever, and somehow, they were much more efficient than I am at planning out which rides we would ride. We also saw Wishes from a totally different area, and it was much more enjoyable not having to deal with the huge crowds on Main Street.

As my wife and I followed the kids around the Kingdom, it became apparent to us that up until this point, they had felt a little left out. We were going through the motions; however, it just wasn’t enjoyable to the kids after the first couple of times. When we allowed the kids to take control, we could see that little spark in our children’s eyes, just like the first time.

Do your children seem to get bored with the Parks after awhile? If so, how do you deal with it?

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4 thoughts on “Never Grow Up: Putting the Kids in Charge!”

  1. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Awesome role reversal here Daniel, what a great idea. I not only seem to notice this situation with children but adults as well. I guess we have to accept that the people we visit WDW with won’t want to do all the things we like to do lol.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Richie says:

    Great post, Daniel.
    My only regret is that could relate; I live in New Jersey, and cannot attend the MK frequently enough for anyone in my family to get sick of it 🙂

  3. Lizzie says:

    Well, I can say that from the “kids” perspective, it’s really important! While I’m now 18 and old enough to know how to be on my own, I still only go to Disney with my family (as of right now). My mom and I especially do Disney in completely different ways. We like to do different things, and we like to see different things. So when we go together it often gets kind of tense.

    What I guess my family has found is that now that we’re old enough (my brother will be 14 next month and we’ve each been to Disney around 20+ times), we split up a little more. My brother comes with me, or I go by myself while the rest of the family does something. That way we all get a chance to see what we want to see before meeting back up for time together. Plus, since I like to go with the flow, I often find new experiences and then have the chance to share them with everyone else!

  4. Wes Snyder says:

    That’s a great idea Daniel. My kids are too young (a year and a half and not born yet), but if they’re anything like their dad, they’ll be using Excel spreadsheets to plan out Disney before they turn 5.