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Hi Everyone! With the 2013 Expo around the corner, D23 just released their D23 Expo App. Their in-app Photo Booth got me thinking about Disney’s fantastic photo apps. How many of you are looking to add a little Disney magic to your photos on the go? How about while you are in the Parks?

If so, let’s explore some apps you can use, together!Disney Photo App Buttons

First up, Disney Pix. This app is free and available at the Apple App Store for iPad. You can customize your photos using Disney Character stickers, frames, backgrounds. The themes include Mickey and Friends, Muppets, Princesses, Disney Fairies and Phineas and Ferb. You can also create your own backgrounds and paint on your photos. Disney Pix was rolled out for use with the Disney AppClix digital camera, but it is not at all necessary to have one in order to use this app.PPDC Photo Apps Disney Pix

Next is Disney Memories HD. This app is free and available at both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. This deluxe treasure is a must for in Parks and at home photos. You can pose with Character overlays, try on different Disney Hats, add borders, stickers and even Disney themed filters! For added Pixie Dust, there are sections for a Disney Photo of the Day and adorable Character Alarms (though that section is not nearly as detailed aPPDC Photo Apps Disney Memories HD 1s the superb Wake Up With Disney App Christy covered earlier this month).PPDC Photo Apps Disney Memories HD 4

Finally, we have Story (courtesy of Disney). This is another free app available at the Apple App Store for iPhone. I wrote a few posts under a subheading I called “Storyboarding Your Life” but this app literally does just that! It takes photo (and video) content stored on your phone and arranges them into a digital storyboard. You can also drag and drop in photos, edit your photos, add captions with numerous fonts and select among the free themes. This example is a selection of a Story I did of the NJ Meet and the theme you see here is “Mickey”. (There’s Kathy, Stu, Richie and Billy as well as some of Harold’s delicious offerings!)PPDC Photo Apps Story

I can’t wait to test out what else these apps can do. And I promise I’ll share some of the photos I create along the way.

So, which app will you use for your own Disney memories?

Enjoy your day and snap away!

(AJ, thank you so much again for the heads up about when the D23 Expo App finally went live!)

This post was not sponsored by Disney or Disney Interactive in any way. I downloaded these apps on my own and shared them with you based on my own experiences using them.


Fran’s Tips:

~ For Android and other users, there have been numerous messages sent to Disney Interactive to include more of their apps for the Android Market.

~ There is reportedly going to be a scavenger hunt using the Story app at the D23 Expo.

~For even more Disney App fun, check out Disneyland Explorer and Disney Zoom, both available at the Apple App Store.


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