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by Alyssa Wiseman

Raise your hand if you have followed the royal baby craze (Alyssa raises both of her hands)!!  I live in the middle of the United States, but cannot stop watching the coverage of 1the little prince that has been born in the United Kingdom.  With all of the recent baby talk, I decided it would be a great opportunity to mention some Disney baby products that I have discovered.

On a more personal level, my sister recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy into her life (and our family); which has made me a first time aunt.  Since aunts are known for bragging I have added a picture of my nephew Jude Tyler to this blog post.  This was taken when he was only 2 weeks old and, of course, he is laying next to the Mickey doll that I bought for him.  He is one of the reasons that I am writing this blog post.  While out shopping for the new addition, I was able to see just how much merchandise stores offered with the Disney brand on them.

Enough of my personal life, lets get to the Disney merchandising!  This post is going to be a little different than my previous ones.  I don’t have that many baby and infant products to review, but I do have a few.  I also want to give you a few websites that can assist in planning the perfect nursery or Disney baby lifestyle.

The first site that I would like to mention is Disney Baby, http://www.disneybaby.com/.  This site offers, not only products for sale, but also many DIY ideas to make any nursery fit for royalty.  As a side note, they also have a Facebook page for more updated information.

The other two sites are very similar to each other in my mind and they are Pinterest and Etsy.  I know that Etsy is primarily a site where you purchase products, but I often find ideas there of items I can make on my own.  Pinterest is becoming a very popular site and I recently found several amazing Mickey-themed nurseries, with tips and instructions on how they were created.  You don’t just have to be looking for nursery ideas.  Babies and toddlers also need clothes (really cute ones at that) and both sites offer many fun ideas on how to dress your tot!

Now on to the few unique products that I found on a recent shopping trip to a baby store.  I say unique because I didn’t want to feature the typical Classic Pooh crib set, or the baby Mickey and Minnie toddler bedding designs; I wanted items that you don’t see in every store and might make you laugh at the thought of using them.

Disney Training Toilet Seats4

Many of us have heard horror stories of potty-training children.  While I am sure this potty seat won’t prevent accidents, it might bring a smile to your face when you see Mickey, Minnie, Princess or the Cars characters during your time in the bathroom.  In this picture, my sister is trying to amuse me by modeling the Mickey toilet seat.  She originally had a Minnie one, but we decided since she was having a boy, she needed to be supporting that gender.


Price: $12.95

Age Group: Toilet-Training age

Must Have: It helps make the seat smaller!


Method Hand Wash:

After assisting your young one with potty training or changing a diaper, you will need a good hand wash.  And the Method company carries both Mickey and Minnie shaped soap bottles.  And forget only using this for a baby, anyone could use this hand soap in their bathroom to give it that “magical,” and clean, feeling.2


Price: $3.99

Age Group: Anyone

Must Have: Yes


On-the-go Products:

3I found several different items that you could use while out on the town or traveling on vacation.  They ranged from Disney disposable cups (with lids), to the placemats that stick on tables.  The characters that became obvious while shopping were: Mickey, Minnie, Princesses, or Cars.  From what I could tell, retailers wanted to offer two different designs for both girls and boys.


Price: Varies

Age Group: Toddlers

Must Have: Yes

I hope this blog was helpful in giving you some different ideas and avenues in which to find baby products for your prince or princess.  Please let me know if any of you have had Disney themed nurseries for your children.  I think that with some of the new Disney and Pixar movies being released many more options will be available to use in decorating.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This is the last blog before I leave for Disneyland.  If there are any products that you would like me to review while out in California, please leave me a message and let me know.  I will do my best to find some products that the West coast is known for.

Also, congratulations to Lindsay D., who won a mystery ticket for her guess of my favorite LOL moment in the Monsters University movie.  It was the scene with the characters running through the glowing cave and emerging all blistered!


shopDisney is a bi-weekly blog that will focus on Disney merchandise and products sold in the parks, in Disney stores, and in other retail markets.  We will explore product reviews, affordability, and to whom the products are marketed.  Like any other good product review, we will conclude with a rating scale for several different key components: price, age group, and whether the product is a “must have.”

Alyssa Wiseman (also known as ajwiseman09 in the box) and her husband Brandon reside in central Indiana (too far from Disney) with their 4 year shih tzu London Bridget and brand new Bulldog, Maggie Mae.  Alyssa and Brandon enjoy traveling to Disney several times a year to see what is new and enjoy classic Disney.  While traveling, and at home, Alyssa is frequently shopping for Disney products and making a list of items to buy while in the parks.  Please follow Alyssa on twitter @ajwiseman09.



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