/ Monday, July 22nd, 2013
As you know, this series asks you (if you dare!) to get inside my Disney-obsessed mind and figure out what Disney reference I am thinking of when I go about my everyday life here in suburban New Jersey.

Last week, I featured an image from our county park, which has a bell from a one-room schoolhouse that once stood in town.  The Disney reference that popped into my mind was the Liberty Bell in Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom.  It seems everyone read my mind!  From the correct entries I selected one at random to receive a mystery ticket; congratulations to Richie, who will receive a WDW Radio Mystery ticket.

This week’s picture comes from our recent trip to Virginia, and was found outside a local lunch establishment in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  When we saw the busts outside the entrance, both my daughters and I started chattering about the Disney reference we thought of.  What could it be?  Can you read my (our) mind?

headsThere could be several Disney-related things that could have popped into my mind, but I will award randomly a mystery ticket each week to someone who correctly guesses what was the first Disney reference that popped into my mind when I saw the image. 

In the comments, please share what you think I was thinking,… and share what Disney reference comes into your mind when you see it!



30 thoughts on “What is that Girl Thinking? Sculptures”

  1. Jenn says:

    Either the singing busts inside the graveyard scene in the Haunted Mansion or the busts displayed in the new extended queue at HM.

  2. Lindsey D says:

    It’s the “Grim grinning ghosts” quartet, (minus 2 busts) from the Haunted Mansion.

  3. Mark says:

    Disney Hollywood Studio bust statues.

  4. Fran Cassano says:

    At first I wanted to say The Haunted Mansion Singing Busts, but this photo feels a little bit more like the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza at DHS.

  5. Linda Raymond says:

    I will say you were thinking. HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS……because that is what popped into my mind first thing,,,,to be specific ,,,,, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences ???

  6. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza?

  7. CriesDuringWishes says:

    The singing busts in Haunted Mansion!

  8. Diane Jones says:

    These busts make me think of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame (what a mouthful!) near Echo Lake. Always interesting to look at the famous people represented there, including Walt himself.
    Then again, I guess it could also remind one of some of the new statuary in the updated queue area of the Haunted Mansion. It indeed seems there is more than one answer to this “What is that Girl Thinking” photo.
    Diane Jones Cape Cod, Mass

  9. Shelly says:

    The busts in the Haunted Mansion queue

  10. Joe says:

    The busts outside if the haunted mansion ride

  11. Tony says:

    ATAS Hall of Fame at DHS

  12. Yaelle says:

    Singing Ghost Busts inside the Haunted Mansion

  13. Shannon Keys says:

    My guess would be the singing busts in the Haunted Mansion. (At least that’s the first place my mind goes. 🙂 )

  14. Stan Solo says:

    My first thought was the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame display at Hollywood Studios. After reading everyone else say the tombstones at the HM I can see that also.

  15. Chris says:

    The celebrity busts at Hollywood Studios.

  16. Richie says:

    First of all: psyched to have won last week!
    Second of all: this week’s photo conjures up two deas in my head (altough really see the Haunted mansion references mentioned aove)– a. the busts of characters around the central hub in Magic Kingdom
    b. the liknesses of the Presidents in the Hallof Presidents…

  17. DisneyDaddy says:

    Well it makes me think of my alma mater, James Madison University — which is where you were! The busts can be found outside of Jess’ Lunch on Route 33 – a Harrisonburg tradition.

    As for what you were thinking about — They remind me of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences display at DHS. Of course, you didn’t include the statue of the horse.

  18. Christy Viszoki says:

    Hi, DisneyDaddy!!
    I kept watching for you as we were in Harrisonburg, wondering if I would bump into you! And yes, I cut out the horse–he ruined the shot, though it later occurred to me I could have used him for a Saratoga Springs reference. Alas, a wasted opportunity!! 🙂

  19. Samantha Adams says:

    The singing busts inside the haunted mansion

  20. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    the singing busts from The Haunted Mansion

  21. Elaine says:

    Singing busts in Haunted Mansion!

  22. Hi Christy — I’m in Roanoke – about 2 hours south on I-81. I hope you had a good visit to the Old Dominion!

  23. Laurie Westbrook says:

    The busts in Hollywood Studios between the American Idol show and the bathrooms across from Star Tours.

  24. beth says:

    Haunted mansion busts.

  25. Greg says:

    Haunted Mansion busts.

  26. Caitlin Corsello (giantnfl) says:

    They remind me of the busts featured in DHS at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza.

  27. Danielle Joy says:

    I think of the bust of the famous people in Hollywood Studios

  28. Ian Martin says:

    Hmm…gonna go with the busts in Hollywood Studios

  29. Danna Long says:

    Instant Head Pop: “Wow, wish I was at Studios checking out the ATAS busts right now! It’s been waayy tooo long! 🙁

  30. Ginny says:

    the singing quartet in the haunted mansion ride in the graveyard scene