/ Friday, August 2nd, 2013

by Peyton Spear

TIPS LOGOMy favorite part about Disney is the extra magic they are able to provide for their guests and sometimes, they go unsaid.

For those of you who enjoy getting the most out of your day in the parks, stay in the Magic Kingdom 30 minutes after the park closes to witness the “Kiss Goodnight“.

This is by far one of my top must-see events during your visit.

Playing 3 times every 30 minutes after closing time, Cinderella’s Castle will light up with special effects, while a narrated speech plays over the speakers with soft music in the background.

Since Disney does not publish this secret, you’ll find yourself with a smaller crowd of those who are “in the know”. This gives you and your group a great time to wind down for the night while enjoying the show. There is something special about the park when it is quieter.

On most visits to the Magic Kingdom, I have been able to witness the “Kiss Goodnight” but once or twice they did not show it. I hope you all will get the opportunity to experience this magical secret.

Have any of you seen the “Kiss Goodnight”? If so, what was your experience like?

Peyton is currently a student at the University of Mississippi majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in print. Growing up in Los Angeles and most recently moving to Atlanta, he has seen and experienced the best of both Disneyland and Disney World. Making his first visit to Disney World at the age of 5, he has never looked back as he entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.



7 thoughts on “Adventure Into The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy: Disney Tip #11”

  1. Wes Snyder says:

    There are a few YouTube videos of it, but those never compare to the real thing. I’ve seen it a few times as I make my way (as slowly as possible) out of the park.

  2. Steamboat Eddie says:

    I have definitely been there for the kiss good night a few times. You really have to be there to appreciate the atmosphere it creates. It is most certainly a bitter sweet experience for me, but surely awesome.

    Have a fantasmic day!

  3. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    I saw it last March after I finished my late dinner at CRT. It was beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye

  4. Kendall Foreman (MoretotheWorld) says:

    On the last night of our last trip, my husband and I intended to see the kiss goodnight, but we sat down in the rocking chairs on the porch of the Town Square Theater and got caught up in people watching. After the long day of walking, our feet were enjoying the comfy seats a little too much!

  5. Robin Stanley says:

    I have seen it. I love to sit on a bench close to the castle and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness. You can stop in at guest services and they will tell you if they are doing “the kiss goodnight” that night and what time it will be.

  6. CriesDuringWishes says:

    Thanks for reminding me. This is on my bucket list and I hope to see it on my trip this month!

  7. Blake says:

    I love that they do this. I like to more stumble upon it, though, rather than make it part of our schedule. So some trips we end up being in the right place at the right time, others not. But if you stay at MK until the end of Extra Magic Hours, you will most likely see it.

    The best time was when it was the last night of our trip and my sister and I were taking a photo right in front of the Castle stage. As we pose, the Pixie Dust starts and the music begins. Incredible! It was such a magical ending to our vacation and a memory I will never forget.