/ Thursday, August 29th, 2013

We have a new activity for you this week–a photo game!  Below, we have two pictures of Lou from Star Wars Weekend.  While they may look alike, there are a number of differences–THIRTEEN to be exact.  Can you find all 13???









Lou SWW2

10 Responses to "Can You Spot the Difference? PHOTO GAME"

  1. Got it! Last one was tough.

  2. The first pic vs. 2nd pic:
    1. 2 S’s vs. 3 S’s
    2. vent dots on troopers vest vs. 4th top dot a Mickey
    3. WDW Radio logo on trooper
    4. rust/dirt on truck door going side to side vs. up and down
    5. 2 lug nuts vs. 4 lug nuts
    6. 1 full white light vs. 2 full white lights over troopers left shoulder
    7. white Mickey on front of truck
    8. 1 park light and 1 headlight vs. 2 park lights on front of truck
    9. shrubs vs. flowers left side of barrier
    10. 1 vs. 3 1st row vent vest dots on trooper
    11. up and down vs. side to side rust/dirt box lines over Lou’s right shoulder
    12. stripped/vented vs. solid colored mask mouth vent on trooper
    13. Trooper has ‘sunglasses’ on in 2nd pic

  3. Linda Raymond says:

    Got them,,,some were veryyyy tricky ….loved it thanks!

  4. A couple of really tough ones, but I got them all.

  5. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    took me about an hour but I got em all

  6. Bucky Gaunt says:

    Found them all. Love this type of game!

  7. Maureen Wahtera says:

    #1 1st row of dots = 1 / 1st row of dots = 3
    #2 3rd row of dots = No hidden mickey / 3rd now of dots = hidden mickey
    #3 No WDW Radio logo WDW Radio logo
    #4 Helmet = Strips on mouth piece / Helmet = Solid color mouth piece
    #5 Helmet = Solid band / Helmet = extra band/strip
    #6 Barrier SS = 2 / Barrier SSS = 3
    #7 shrubs = green / shrubs = green and red
    #8 No Hidden Mickey on truck / Hidden Mickey on truck
    #9 door scrapes = horizontal / door scrapes = vertical
    #10 1 red light & clear head light / 2 red lights
    #11 glare = 2 glare shapes / glare = 3 glare shapes
    #12 tire = 2 circles shapes / tire = 3 circles shapes
    #13 wall stain = vertical direction / wall stain = horizontal direction

  8. WOW That was fun. Have to admit I found only about ten on my own.

  9. Linda Raymond says:

    I wasn’t thinking about posting them on here,,,,I am glad I found them all before I read any thing,,,was a lot of fun finding them with out knowing what they were,,,let’s do more of these,,,,

  10. I think this one was awkward because of the change in lighting. For example, the blue on the left side of the barricade looks a little different in both pics. I wasn’t sure if that was intentional.

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