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While the Expo floor and presentations were a huge source of entertainment and fun at the D23 Expo, the WDW Radio and Mouse Fan Travel booth also was quite the happening location!  From Disney personalities, Cosplayers, convention attendees, and yes, even a frog, there were always interesting people and fun conversation with the Box.  Whether we were in the Booth or “on the road” roaming the convention floor, there were some great sights you may not have been able to see from inside the Box.  Here are some different views of the fun.




















Lou and Tony watching Box chat as we await the exact moment of 9AM PDT.
















While we await  9AM, Lou records the introduction to the recap video, which the amazing John Capos would put together.




















And then, in the midst of Lou’s set up and recording, BOB IGER walked by.  TOTAL geek out moment.  The fact that I got any kind of picture and did not drop my phone (my hands were shaking) is far more luck than any photographic skill on my part!




















Good morning, Box People!!!!  Say cheese!









You never could tell who might be joining us in the booth!  From WDW Radio bloggers Fran Cassano and Alyssa Wiseman, to Disney royals themselves–there was always a fun group of Disney fans joining in the merriment.















Beci had a chance to talk with Margaret Kerry (Tinkerbell) as Lou finished with a guest.















Can you tell Tony Baxter is being interviewed????




















And this is how Kermit’s “handler” was posed throughout their interview.
















The wonderful MEI / Mouse Fan Travel team was always on hand in the booth.  What great people!


This is what the booth, more often that not, looked like from Lou’s perspective. Can you find Tony’s photo bomb?

We had such a wonderful time at the Expo.  Thanks to everyone who joined us, at the booth, wandering through the Expo, or in the Box!



4 thoughts on “D23 EXPO: A Different View of Lou and the Box PHOTO BLOG”

  1. Stan Solo says:

    Great photos Christy thanks for posting them!

  2. Darlene says:

    I love the behind the scene pictures. Amazing to see them from this view & not from the box!

  3. Terific photos it feels good to be back, I’m glad to see Banks, Jenni & Kermit i feel like a kid again best D23 Expo of my life.

  4. Jim O says:

    Love these behind the scenes views!