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expoloozaLast week during Expo, I had the idea to post a daily diary about the Expo experience, in an effort to share it all with those who could not be there.  I was able to craft a pre-Expo entry, but after day 1, it become readily apparent to me that unless the power to clone myself developed overnight, this was a hopelessly impossible task to do thoroughly and on my own.

So I revised my strategy and enlisted the aid of the AMAZING WDW Radio family to help me capture what the D23 Expo was all about.  This group of incredible and devoted people have helped me to capture the breadth of experiences available at the D23 Expo.

Among the pieces we will be sharing with you this week:

  • Photo blogs which will let you “escape the Box” and see what was happening, both at the WDW Radio/Mouse Fan booth as well as the Expo floor itself
  • First hand accounts of the arena presentations, panels, and yes, even the lines
  • Point of view pieces, which allow you to see Expo from the perspective of a young fan, a teen, a couple, and someone traveling solo
  • Reviews of the products for sale, as well as ideas for you to bring Expo home!
  • Accounts of experiencing Expo from the Box.
  • Some other fun pieces that defy categorization!

Make sure you check the blogs daily, as there will be chances to win fun swag from the Expo… but you have to¬† check each blog to see where that day’s opportunity is!

Oh, and there’s a little matter of a TRIVIA CONTEST for the Box… Don’t think we’ve forgotten!¬† That also will be part of the EXPO*Looza and will publish this week.

If there is something you really want to know about Expo–please let us know in the comments!¬† If we haven’t planned to cover it yet, we’ll be sure we have before the end of the week.

A huge, heartfelt thanks to the team of writers who are making this week possible: Liz Driscoll, Fran Cassano, Alyssa and Brandon Wiseman, Mark Petar, Jonah, Happy Keller, Cara Richardson, Jonathan Harvill, Makena Wolcott, and Blake Taylor.

And now… on with the show!